Which is the best mod?

i reinstalled my OS yesterday and hawe my rfactor again,

but witch is the BEST mod i shuld download? all kind of cars (NOT NASCARS OR CARTS)
before my rf was 30gb but i didnt had ONE single mod that i was in to...



Firstly your wants are a bit vague. Hard to say what you'd like from your post.

28 viewers before me and no reply's. Wonder why?
30gb but i didnt had ONE single mod that i was in to...
Maybe this had something to do with the silence.

Quite often the controller used and it's config can have a negative effect on a persons view of a mod or even a game platform. As for mods I'd suggest NAGT 1.5 from the US Pits for tin tops. FSONE 2008 for F1. FSONE 2009 is out but from what I've seen 2008 has better feedback. Again this can be due to controller settings and not the mod. These two can help you with your controller setting because of their high ratings for physic and realism.

From experience no two PC's are the same in the way it reads the controller settings so your pretty much on your own there but people are always willing to pass on ideas that work for them. Even if it doesn't work for you as you would expect atleast it maybe a step in the right direction. Some swear by Real-Feel plug-in but some hate it. My experience with it is it works good for some mods and not so good for others. Worth a try though. You never know.

This is off cause for a wheel. G25, G27, GForce or MOMO maybe. Not keyboard or some playstation style hand control.

Best of luck.
how is this FFB working cant feel anything in my keyboard:frown:

ok i will try NAGT, i downloaded legends cars a few houres ago and that was good:)

iam using an old wingman FFB wheel (witch sux)

iam going to work this summer and then buy the g25 i think it is time now cus used my wingman many years now:wink:

and it is only 90 in rotation.... and that is not realistic in race cars.....

Ben Ross

Even if you get a G25, ensure that you look around the net and try some different suggestions for both your logitech settings and controller.ini file depending on the mod.

Also look into getting RealFeel and LeoFFB and follow the different instructions that either come with the mod for those (i.e. Endurancers, CARTFactor, etc. that have specific 'best' settings) and/or look around online for settings that other people post. Beyond that, try a few things out yourself until you get something you like.

Best of luck and have fun.
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