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Which Cockpit to start with?


Hi Gents,

I want to buy my first proper simracing cockpit. After racing at my office desk with a swivel chair for the last 2 years, it's time to move on.

But where to start? Which companies, resellers are reliable and have a good reputation? Budget-wise I'm looking for something "normal", not too bad but certainly not high end gear. Something where price/performance is at a good level.

Mostly I'm racing in VR atm. But I have a decent gaming monitor laying around so I would need at least a single monitor mount to begin with. Wheel is a T300 and CSL Elite LC Pedals.
And shipping to Austria is a must ;)

Thanks for any advice.
I would say budget depicts so recommending is difficult, if it was me I would go 80/20, only reason being I have owned multiple rigs from playseat challenge, playseat, desk, wheelstand pro, gt omega and always felt each was a compromise.

Obviously you can get some basic ones fairly cheap and bolt on a standard car seat etc or spend a few ££ more and get a complete package. Also upgrade path for equipment, wheels etc.
I've had an RSeat S1 for probably a year and a half...I am VERY satisfied with it. What works for one, doesn't necessarily work for somebody else.
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> My first rig was something like this:

BUT I wouldn't recommend it.

> When I was getting back into simracing after moving country I was on the look out for a new rig and was looking at tube metal rigs somthing like this:

BUT I wouldn't recommend it.

> Instead I went with my first 80/20 rig and boy I'm glad I did. So much customization. I bought the Sim Labs GT1-EVO

I WOULD recommend it :)

And I don't have it built anything like the way it is in the pictures. I did at the start but I've moved stuff, removed stuff and added stuff, it's been great.

You can add a monitor mount to it like this:

But in the long run probably better with a saperate stand so your wheel wont shake and vibrate the monitor especially if you add a ButtKicker.

And if you want to make big changes you can. For example I bought this triple stand:

then took the upright aluminum profile from it and swapped it with the long profile from my rig base. This made my base about 6" shorter which suited me perfect and allowed me to get my rig into a tiny space.

I probably will never buy another rig, just make changes to what I have as it's just a construction set that you do what you want with.

Got some very cool stuff on it now with a

and a CSL DD on the way.
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I have Sim-Lab's GT1-EVO. It's their less expensive 80-20 cockpit.

"80/20" rigs are by far the most flexible, and are often recommended here for that reason. I heavily modified mine, adding some extra profile and turning it into a comprehensive drive/fly cockpit. I also added their large single-panel display mount, on which I have a 55" OLED.

My opinion is that the EVO (and generally all 8040-sized profile) is more than strong enough to cope with anything except perhaps use with powerful motion systems, for which the still-stronger P1-X should be looked at.

Edit: Ha! Ninja'd while typing! But I obviously agree, including with the suggestion for a completely separate monitor stand, as I have, which isolates the monitor from any bumping and vibration during driving.
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