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Where to start...

Jamie Cocks

WARNING: Nutcase approaching!
So I reckon it would be great to get myself a racing wheel. Problem is, I simply don't know what I'm looking for. I don't know a thing when it comes to this kind of hardware.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm looking at a low budget - I've heard G27 mentioned one or two times, but what are your thoughts?
You need the resident wheel guru @Blkout to give you advice :thumbsup:
I have a Fanatec GT3 and a Thrustmaster TX, the TX is a fantastic wheel and they are both belt driven so means they are much quieter that the G27(gear driven).

Jamie Cocks

WARNING: Nutcase approaching!
I would say $400- $500 to be absolute max, but that's pushing it and would prefer something quite lower. Of course it will depend on what the wheels/pedals are like (quality wise).
My recommendation:





The G27 would give you a complete package for around $200-250, H-shifter included and 3 pedal set however, in my opinion, the FFB is not nearly as good as the current generation of Thrustmaster products and the H-shifter feels pretty cheap and sloppy. The wheel also makes quite a bit of noise due to the design. The Thrustmaster wheels are belt driven which means they're much smoother and quieter, as well having more FFB strength.

Jamie Cocks

WARNING: Nutcase approaching!
Cheers for that @Blkout. Will probably just start off with the wheel and two pedals and see how we go from there. Cheers for your help o/