Where to start with sim racing rig.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TOS020mike, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. TOS020mike


    Hi everyone
    I been playing racing games since I was a teen with early GT series games

    I been on and off using and learning about sim racing with a driving force GT I have a mid range PC a PS4 and PS3. I play forza 7 just with a controller because it is impossible to get my wheel to work with it. Project cars 2 GT5&6 F1 2012 and 2017 I want to get into GT Sport, iracing maybe rfactor 2 I mostly like driving modern race cars with high down-force like prototypes, F1 mid 2000's to current and Indy cars

    I don't have a set budget ,but I don't think I will be going with a OSW type or custom setup
    I been looking at a few different setups watching lots and lots of reviews and compression my concussion between.

    TS300 RS with better pedals later however there's limits to what I can use on the PS4 here or CS Elite set where cost could be almost equal if I don't want a clutch and I could upgrade later if I wanted the CS pedals both sets you can get different rims if I prefer later.

    any advise,and think you everyone.
  2. Mike McCormick

    Mike McCormick

    You really need to state a budget if you want help on this.
  3. Nils Bremkes

    Nils Bremkes

    Hey guys i've got the same "problem" i just need a seat and a chassi where i can mount my t500 and pedals. i want to spend around 1000€ wich is a lot for me. Sadly im not very good in building one my own so it needs to be pretty easy to set up thanks for ur help ( space aint a problem, i rly want a bucket seat ^^)
  4. GuitarTech


    Check out : https://www.gtomegaracing.com/gt-om...ega-pro-racing-simulator-cockpit/pro-cockpits
    I actually have the Art version, but if I was buying again from this company,
    I'd buy the Pro version instead, as it looks a bit stronger.
    After buying my TS-PC wheel, I had to strengthen my Art cockpit with two square section tubes to stop it flexing so much, now I think I could actually use a DD wheel in it, it doesn't flex at all now.
    To put it together, all you need is a few wrenches, a few allen keys, ( which all come supplied ), and some patience. There are also you tube videos showing how to put it together. And they're well under your budget too :D
  5. sebna


    1k is a very healthy budget. I would get something from SimLab offering and be done with it.
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  6. F1Aussie


    Agree, get something bullet proof and you will never need to update it again
  7. Beef36


    I posted below in another forum and copy and pasted it here as a friend is purchasing a new sim rig and below is his Internet sourced prices.

    If you ignore the pricing as this is for a higher-spec rig, the list below provides an insight into the various components of a Sim Rig.



    ...Turn key sim rig solutions are available in Australia. For example MotionForce 1 sells motion rigs starting from AUD 104,000 at http://www.motionforce1.com/#technology

    The Motion Force rig is used by some Australian Supercar teams such as http://www.supercars.com/news/championship/erebus-adds-simulator-program-for-2018/

    A friend is in process of sourcing a similar spec rig to MotionForce but doesn't want to pay for a turn-key solution. He is negotiating final costs but below is his full retail price list sourced from the Internet.

    Note: Below is Australian pricing which is more expensive than say Europe or USA.

    $2,400 80/20 Sim Rig Chassis (eg Sim-Lab or JCL V2 - shipped to Australia)
    $599 Oculus Rift + Touch
    $3,897 Triple 34" Monitors - ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 34" 3440x1440 IPS G-Sync
    $980 rSeat Australia 3XTL Triple Monitor Stand for Large Monitors
    $105 Additional brackets to mount 34" monitors to rSeat Monitor Stand
    $199 4th Monitor for Z1 Dashboard Telemetry - AOC E2770SH 27" FHD LED Monitor
    $2,150 SimuCube Servo and Drive (Large Mige)
    $140 Holger QR1 Steering Wheel Quick Release (Motor Side)
    $2,000 F1 Steering Wheel with Holger QR1 Quick Release and button box
    $1,500 GT Steering Wheel with Holger QR1 Quick Release and button box
    $2,095 Heusinkveld Sim Pedal Ultimate
    $1,143 Simworx Sequential Shifter & Handbrake Set
    $600 Buttkicker Advance * 2 (seat and pedals)
    $499 iNuke 3000DSP Amplifier (2 Channels) & Buttkicker Compatible Cables
    $360 Button Box * 2
    $200 Button Box Ram Mount
    $150 Keyboard Tray - Articulated
    $1,199 TAGA Harmony 306 - 5.1 speakers; Sherwood Active 8" down firing subwoofer, Yamaha RX-V385 AV Receiver (Package Deal)
    $149 Speaker Stand
    $412 Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II - Wired & Wireless Headset
    $3,500 SimXperience GS-5 Motion Seat (incl shipping) - Price Unknown. Estimate Used
    $120 Replica Racing Seat (short term pending SimXperience GS5)
    $37,840 D-Box 4250i Actuator Motion Platform (3.0" spec)
    $3,800 PC: i7 8700K and GTX 2080 (incl extra sound card and USB Expansion Cards)
    $203 19" Rack Cabinet 508mm Deep
    $170 Surge Protected Energy Saving Powerboard *2
    $58 Longer DisplayPort Cables
    $120 Cable Management
    $300 Illuminated keyboard & mouse
    $129 Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard for in rig usage
    $100 SimVibe Software
    $320 Various Racing Software Titles
    $35 Z1 Dashboard Telemetry Software
    $200 Android Tablet
    $100 Tablet Ram Mount
    $20 Tablet Telemetry Software
    $53 Diversitech MP4-E E.V.A. - 4 * Anti-Vibration Pad 4 x 7/8
    $132 Rubber Mat
    $80 Floor Fan

    $68,057 TOTAL (AUD)
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  8. Piotr Dul

    Piotr Dul
    Sunday Driver Premium

    Simetik K2 cockpit + a seat of your choice
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  9. Turvey


    I went through this company for my motion.
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