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Where to put liveries in Xbox Game Pass (PC) version?

Hi all,

Yesterday I started playing the beauty that is art of rally - such a great game!

Now I'd like to install some of the liveries that can be found on this forum. I do understand from your tutorial video (link) that liveries go to ...\art of rally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\, which is obviously no problem at all with the Steam version.
With the Xbox Game Pass version, however, the game is installed under c:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Funselektor.artofrally_1.0.4.0_x64_[...]\art of rally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\, which is a read-only area.

Hence my question: Where can I put liveries with the Xbox Game Pass PC version? Can they be installed somewhere below c:\Users?

Any help would be gladly appreciated!

I had the same question but then i looked in the details part of the game in the xbox launcher app thing on pc and then you have to enable mods then you can access the mod folder