Where to get 3rd Party GT3 Rim for Thrustmaster Wheel base?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of where to get a GT3 Rim for Thrustmaster Wheel?

I'm currently using the TS-XW Racer with it's standard Sparco rim that it comes with:

But I would like to preplace it with something more like a GT3 Rim as I'm racing them allot in ACC.

I don't mind having an extra USB cable for it and was thinking something like this would be cool:

Any recommendations would be very welcome and I'm based in the UK.

Well, you have found the source I would have told you about.

In the moment I´m building the GT3 kit from 3drap which is a DIY kit.
Speedmax racing uses the same parts for their wheels.

In my wheel front and back plate a true carbon fiber ( 3mm thick) which is plenty for a thrustmaster wheel.
The adapters work well.
The magnet shifters are a loud and clicky dream!!
USB cable looks a little short, I have a coupling under the wheelbase.
Only thing I don´t like much is the fitting of the 3d printed side cover, it has agp on top where I constantly see it.
But that also could be a mounting problem by me.

Price wise DIY doesn´t make sense, when your buy buttons/encoders/ circuit board its more expensive than the speedmax deal.
And than your handles aren´t covered yet!

Only reason to go DIY for me was to build it with the simucube wireless board.

Im using it for a week now, 5days with the simucube and I love it.
Over the holidays I´ll convert it to the SC board.

MFG Carsten
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Just read that your situated in the UK, so I fear that ship has sailed before Brexit.:cry:

Though UPS from Italy was lightning fast to Germany i doubt they will be delivered before next year.

MFG Carsten
Keep in mind that the Thrustmaster wheels don´t have the same power like your direct drive, so the wheight of the wheel
is important for the fidelity of the feedback.
When using my T300 the lightest wheel gave the best and most detailed force feedback.

One the upside the Simagic could probably be purchased locally, the Ricmotech parts need to be imported.

MFG Carsten

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