Where to find and how to install mods for AC?

When the heck was it possible for us to start using community made tracks and mods?

I know , I know......I'm behind on this stuff. I hadn't been much time with AC the last 4 months or so because I had to much other stuff going on.

I didn't think this sim was going to be able to have community input like that? Which is really , really cool....and I think it's awesome!

Anyways.....I guess I'm just saying " Thank you " to the AC creators for opening the door and letting the community join in.

Update: Tons of community made Assetto Corsa mods http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/assetto-corsa.1/
Thanks for the info Frank! I must of remembered it wrong. I was thinking this was one of the sims where they weren't going to allow it. Very , very cool that it ended up happening.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to install the content haha.


The modding aspect was included right from the first announcement of AC IIRC. It 's just that it is really gaining some momentum right now and should get some serious attention if the content quality is like that of the Cobra mod.
Not really possible as of now, I'm afraid. The mods are spread all over the internett. But would indeed make life easier. But you can find most of the good ones on the AC-forum.


As I like light games ... manual install and uninstall each time should take too much time.

So the use of the good old JSGME helps a lot making it quicker, easier and secure.
Everything that has to be installed in the game ( and not in Documents of course ) can be done with JSGME: cars, tracks, mods, skinpacks, apps etc ...