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hi guys,

im new here - and was hoping to get some help getting going...

Ive got windows 7 and currently on version 0.8.8.

the standard track loads just fine however, i have installed a couple of other tracks but they dont seem to load correctly. they load up but are completely dark...

i thought it could be fixed by going to as mentioned in this post: http://www.racedepartment.com/racer/29907-win7-no-visible-gui-for-tracked-modeler.html

does anyone have any suggestions?



hi luthobu, thanks for the rapid response!

im still having problems though - with loading tracks that have been downloaded from RacerXtreme. below is a screen shot of what is loading. Just to note; the standard Carlswood track loads fine....

screenshot 01.jpg


Arrrg, more old content causing problems :-/

Kylewc: Looks like the track you've downloaded is an old version, for Racer from the old 0.50 days (back in circa 2003). Racerxtreme hasn't been updated in years now, some nice tracks on there but they'll need updating to work properly in Racer now.

You could try setting the time (open the console, [SHIFT]+['] on my keyboard), type 'time 1400' without the quotes and click return, that might help you.

You can get tracks to work nicely but you need to edit the shader and lighting settings in special.ini, quite easy once you get used to it but not easy if you're a newbie to Racer. If you can use notepad, you can have a go at modifying the track.shd and special.ini for that track, using Carlswood as a guide.

Hope this helps :)


Thanks Tiberius,

i would have never known that without your help! im glad to know now that its not my 'user error'. :) but yes, i am a newbie and im sure i'll find more issues that many others have found before me...

is there somewhere else that you would suggest to get the latest tracks?

thanks again!


Jan 3, 2010
Arrrg, more old content causing problems :-/
(Off-topic) @tiberius: I can understand your frustration, and there is a real problem with older tracks. That is also why I have pushed to get permission to update/improve/enhance older tracks - at least the tracks that I find great in design and playability - so that we can continue to enjoy them with newer Racer versions. Small City was only the first, but I also have permissions for Four Oaks, Ruudskogen, Dunsfold, Myogi and all of Gizmo's track (which will be released as a new track with all the smaller combined - aka Gizmo's Trail). There are still more, but I can only handle so much at a time. I also considered to do some work on Factory Test Track, but it is still useful and indeed very nice, so I might just do some personal adjustments - like opening the gates and adding some road around the buildings.. My point being.. old tracks can be good tracks with "minor" facelifts.. (we had this discussion on RSC as well.. so I guess those of you from there are pretty bored with this topic.. sorry about that.)

(on-topic) tracks & can be found also at alge.anart.no/projects/racer/ and www.iroker.com (last is old..)


Luthobu: I agree with you, there are a lot of tracks out there which are still good. But then some people moan because you update an old track and the textures are a bit blurry or the meshes are a bit blocky, you can't win :smile:

I got permission for Spa from AlfaNut, started out just with new shaders, then decided to put a higher res sky in, then the low res tree and road textures started bothering me... But then, where do you draw the line?

It must be a nightmare for Ruud trying to keep stuff relatively backward compatible, to be fair the majority of older tracks will work quite well now if you just set the time to 2PM or something. Old versions of Le Mans and Bouneville look good here at the moment, it's only really the car reflections that let them down and sometimes the old OpenGL fog settings that look odd in some lights. I've been using Lipton's mod of the Ring for tweaking the X-Type, some tracks like that still look good and I'm not even quite sure how to get the 'greyed out foggy day' look with CG yet.

Shaders are another matter, older tracks which use emission and texenv=replace a lot will really look bad now no matter what, the only answer is to update them with new shaders etc


Dec 22, 2009
Getting a foggy day is tricky, I don't think the atmosphere.cg packaged with will really do it in a way that I think looks right (it is an improvement over earlier versions though). In general, high ambient, low diffuse, and increasing Rayleigh/Mie values helps though. In 0.8.5 I used rayleigh=0.015, mie=0.005, ambient=.75 .82 .84, diffuse=.6 .6 .6, but I'm not sure those settings are still appropriate (haven't had a chance to fool around with non-time of day).