Where to buy?

Danny Asbury

Sorry for such a dumb question, but where should I get this game? Is it better to download off Steam, or go to the store and pick it up? Is one way cheaper than the other, or even better than the other in terms of memory and what not?

I also want to buy the GTR-Evo game, so would I be able to get some type of buddle on Steam?


David Zafiu

I have all of them on Steam and it's better as the game did not run from a DVD wich can have problems in reading.Even if it's a bit cheaper on DVD,i recomend you Steam because you can buy them in bundles. check www.steampowered.com :D

Danny Asbury

Thanks guys!

I'll go into gamestop and see what type of prices they have. I would like to avoid downloading off Steam as doesn't that take up more space on the hard drive?

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Some games take up more space on steam because it keeps a cache of the files. As for finding boxed versions, if you can wait a couple of days for delivery it would be worth checking Amazon too, you can often drop on a cheap one there.
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