where do i put addon tracks?

in your race07 folder you need to crate a Folder "GameData" into this folder create a folder "Locations" there you drop in your Tracks
a lot of tracks are already have the gamedata and locations path so you can just extrack them into your Race07 folder

your race07 folder is here x:\Steam\Steamapps\yourname\Race07
What Michael says is generally true. Tracks go into


However, just to complicate things, some tracks include menu items and these items go into


As Michael says too, people zip tracks with different amounts of directories included. You need to open the zip file and work out, from what directories are included, where to unzip.

1. If directories begin with the "trackname"\ - unzip into the Locations directory.

2. If directories begin with Gamedata\ and maybe UIData\ - unzip in the Race07 directory.
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