Where can someone in the US watch Formula W ?


Jul 27, 2015
I was just wondering If anyone is streaming this in the US. I would really like to watch it !


Nov 1, 2016
If you have a smart TV or an Android, download an app called Mobdro (google how to do it). It's on UK's Channel 4...that's how I'm watching it now.

James Robertson

Oct 1, 2010
It’s great that Ted Kravitz and Coulthard are heavily involved. It’s says a lot about both of them. Good guys.


Nov 1, 2016
That was a pretty decent sprint. Chadwick won as most expected, but I'm keeping my eye on Marta Garcia and Miki Koyama...impressive driving by those two.
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Aug 17, 2017
Alternative thread title: "Where can someone in the UK find out about Formula W?"

Almost total media snubbing of this "historic" event. (I know it was historic, because the female commentator mentioned it repeatedly!)
OK, the race was nothing special, taking place behind a safety car for nearly a third of its duration after a dive bomb that was text-book rookie iRacing stuff. (As predicted, (by me ;)) DC excused it as something he has seen formula 1 drivers do many times - Yes, DC, but when they do it, they are berated for it! Ask Maldonado! It was stupid, predictable and dangerous and should have been called out as such. )
After the restart, there was some good racing, with drivers "having a go" up the inside and then losing out to the cut back, and that sort of thing - entertaining, but due to not having a horse in the race, not thrilling.

Maybe next race, now that I have had a chance to pick some drivers to cheer for it will be better. Except I won't know who is who because they will have swapped cars and liveries! Seriously, apart from the Ferraris, all the F1 cars look the same to me! Who thought that this was a good idea? It is also entirely possible that the winner of this race, who looked after her car, will be sitting in the cockpit of one of the cars that were dragged backwards off the circuit on Saturday in the name of equality...Equal but certainly not fair.

I'm glad I watched it; I will watch the next one. It's a shame it isn't a 2 race meeting; 30 mins seems a bit stingy, and hardly long enough to showcase talent. 2 races would have been more desirable; I mean, if you are going to transport these vehicles all over the globe, then what's an extra tank of petrol and a set of tyres going to cost the environment?
Also the UK commentary : why do commentators have to fake excitement at the end of a race? It really annoys me.
This can still be a success, but mainstream media doesn't seem to care.
After shutting down the last thread due to a few negative comments, I wonder how invested Race Department are...

A couple of men made sexist remarks, and now this is a political hot potato for Race Department?

Bottom line: I enjoyed the race as much as any other Formula event. If you didn't already know they were all women, you wouldn't have known without the commentary (and the timing screens were a bit of a giveaway!:)) Forget the politics - enjoy the action.

Terry Rock

Oct 24, 2009
That was a pretty decent sprint. Chadwick won as most expected, but I'm keeping my eye on Marta Garcia and Miki Koyama...impressive driving by those two.
It was indeed...a very good race.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
There were lots of good battles throughout the field.
Garcia was on a charge and keeping Powell honest.
Koyama is crafty....and patient.
British girls know how to drive in damp conditions.


Dec 7, 2015
It would seem Post #2 is the only one who answered the question of how to watch in the US. The rest is irrelevant chatter on how the race went. I'm also interested in how to watch, but the comments aren't helpful.