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When is it necessary, if at all, to run as administrator and/or compatibilty mode ?

Ton van Rijn

Feb 4, 2011
I already brought this up in the thread below about PaceNote and HDR, but I am still wondering if and when it is necessary to run RBR or RSRBR as administrator and/or in a Windows compatibilty mode.

In the thread below I wrote that after UNchecking Administrator and Compatibilty for RBR I was able to run PaceNote plugin and HDR plugin as well. But meanwhile I have started to install the RSRBR 2015 mod and in the tutorial on rallyesim.fr I am urgently advised to run all the exe's as administrator AND in Windows Vista mode. And from that tutorial I understand that they mean that that is also required when the game is not installed in the default Program Files folder. All my games, including (RS)RBR, are on a separate D partition.

Does anyone know an answer ? And if possible not only for (RS)RBR but in general.
Thanks in advance.

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Staff member
Sep 29, 2009
Hmm. Never used comp. mode for anything other than Grand Prix Manager 2 (win 95 - 256 colors) and Championship Manager 2001/2002 (memory bug on Vista -> up).

Never seen any point in it actually. Never noticed anything different either. If it doesn't run correctly, then you can try comp. mode. But if it runs correctly from scratch. No need to "fix" it.