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Wheel Configuration for GTR-Evo

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mike Hill, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Mike Hill

    Mike Hill

    Hi guys.

    I am having a problem setting up my DFGT wheel for use with GTR Evo (and rFactor too, but have only played that a little) where I cannot seem to get all of the button assignments set up on my wheel propoerly. Basically, its down to not knowing which are the best controls to have assigned to the wheel, and which ones are best left on the keyboard.

    I know that this is because I am not used to having so many different aspects to control (coming from the console side of the streets is really hindering me here!) so I was really hoping that you guys might be able to suggest some decent mapping layouts for use with the wheel in the game.

    I hope someone can help with this!

  2. Frank Herfjord

    Frank Herfjord

    Here's mine:

    X: brake bias R
    triangle: brake bias F
    O: LCD
    Square: Headlights
    L1: Pit in request
    L2: Pit speed limiter
    up, down: pit board up down
    left, right: pitboard decrease/increase
    L3: Pitboard Menu
    R3: Pitboard select
    Left paddle: Wipers
    Right paddle: pause
    R1: thank you (quick chat)
    R2: sorry (quick chat)

    In GT legends, I use left paddle for ignition, and the right for starter

    Force feedback settings: 101/0/0 in windows logitech setup

    In game: medium effects, 100% strength, 55% steering force
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