Wheel calibration

good morning,

I cannot get my thrustmaster ts-xw to calibrate. It is recognised in menus. It worked perfectly in the demo so I purchased the game but can’t play due to wheel settings. Can someone post an idiots guide please as I am relatively new to pc racing. Is there a file or folder I should delete?...

I have absolutely no issues whatsoever with pcars2 and assetto corsa

Thanks in advance


You could try to unplug the usb from your computer, wait a few seconds then plug back in. This should trigger the wheels self test (if it has one) and reset the windows calibration, then you should function the wheel and pedals to there limits. That should be it, launch rF2 and you can test the controls in game to confirm.

Do you have the latest firmware and drivers?
I recently re installed rfactor2 and still cannot figure out how to calibrate steering. I can calibrate pedals, shifters etc but cannot set steering. Also when I get into car it seems to sit an angle of around 45degrees. Can anyone help me please?

many thanks
before you start rF2, make sure your wheel is level. Calibrate in windows first. You should have a control panel for your wheel.(telling us what make and model in your original message always helps)
Once in rF2, go to the controls screen and choose the left turn option. Rotate your wheel all the way left. and return it to center. Next choose the right turn option and rotate all the way to the right. Let the wheel return to center.
now look below the graph for the wheel and click on center. It won't appear to do anything. Turn the wheel full left and hold it and click on the max left button(forgot the exact name) return to center and rotate all the way right. hold it and click on the max right.
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