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wheel calibration after some laps

hi guys,

I have a G27 wheel.
After some laps, when I go straight on with the car but my wheel is not on 12 o'clock anymore but on 11:55. I tried in the pit to go completely on the left and completely on the right then go back to the center but I have this small difference. It's very annoying in a race.

Do you have this problem?
Likely you have cracked optical sensor.

There are many threads about it on the net, just google it. Chances are you only have it cracked so glue and/or additional washer can fix it.
ok Pawel, I will check this.
Just an other information, when I restart my PC and ACC, the wheel is on 12 o'clock, there is no problem.
Never had this problem myself so idk, but G27 should not drift on it's own. Heck, my PC was on by up to several months at a time before, never unplugging or otherwise resetting calibration on the wheel - so more than a hundred of hours of driving without the wheel misalign even a tiny bit.
And any time before i've read of calibration issues like that on G27 it was the sensor unfortunately.