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Wheel base conundrum CSL/T300

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Colonel_Blimp, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Colonel_Blimp


    OK, been mulling over this for ages and no nearer a solution.

    I really would like a CSL Elite wheelbase and Formula1 rim from Fanatec but it works out at £480 quid inc delivery (577 Euro's) and though I can afford it for xmas I get a cold sweat thinking about spending that sort of money on what is essentially just a game controller.

    So I've been looking at the T300 GTE which I've seen for under £250 but I've read many stories about build quality so I'm unsure about that.

    My current Thrustmaster wheel has served me well for about 4 years, an F430, but the paddles are broken as well as all the buttons on the right hand side.

    I already have the Clubsport V3 pedals that I treated myself to last xmas and the wife is fine with me spending the money but, but, I don't know. It's a lot money :)

  2. Vangelis Parginos

    Vangelis Parginos
    GSRTeam Premium

    Hello my friend,
    It all depends on how much you are in to sim racing, if it was me and had the budget i would choose the CSL combined with the V3 is a pretty solid setup. But i dont know how much you are in to racing ;)
    Thrustmaster wheels had some issues but not the majority of them.
    Its double price for the Fanatec so you should consider it.
    I know i didnt help you so much but im in a close debate myself. So good luck with your choice i think both of your choices will give you plenty of fun time.
  3. s73

    Team Rookie Monsters #73 Premium

    So are v3 pedals but their price didn't stop you! You get what you pay for. The Fanstec kit will last for years. So many phrases I could spout, buy cheap - buy twice.

    You know in your heart which one to buy, you just need some reassurance and encouragement. I understand it is just painful parting with that amount of money. Compared to the v2 wheelbase the CSL is great value. I'm thinking of upgrading my CSR elite to either CSL or v2 but cant decide (& I'm skint just now) so let me know what you make of it
  4. Colonel_Blimp


    Vangelis - Thank you. I play AC a lot (in between games of BF1) time permitting, mainly single seaters but looking to get Dirt Rally as well for a change.
    s73 - Thanks also. The pedals were an easy buy because the F430 ones are so poor and the V3's work with the wheel. And they were half the price of my current dilemma!
    You're quite right though, i do know in my heart that I want the Fanatec and as both of you have reassured and encouraged me ( :) ) I will probably go for it.
    Zen and Vega will have to wait til next xmas, another year of struggle for the old Phenom/280x combo.
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