What's the difficulty of starting a small computer business in Canada?

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    My brother and I are thinking about starting a small business and going to college in Canada, perhaps in Vancouver, because, it is not frostbitten cold like all the other major Canadian cities, and, the locals are not all that interested in witch-hunting blacks, gays, Muslims, Jews, Arabs, "liberals", Russians, etc. Worst part about it, the American police takes part in the witch-hunting of non-Whites.

    Anyway, from what I hear, applying for Canadian citizenship is a long but easy process. I want to go to college in Canada so that the still sparse Canadian job market can put me on the list of those potential employees that are educated in Canadian accredited colleges. This will happen should the future computer shop fail.

    Any tips?

    EDIT - After we purchase property, do we need to have any form of licensure, tax, etc.?
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    A bit of info for you http://www.smallbusinessbc.ca/starting-a-business/legal-requirements



    I see so many small computer shops close down here in town because of the "Big Box" chain retailers. Small businesses can't compete with their prices and service. I see people on Craigslist offering services for selling comuters/parts/ service but i don't know how well they do.

    Warning: buying property is not that cheap here in town and property rental depending on square footage and if location is prime costs a fortune.

    But in saying this, it would be nice to see you up here in Canada.
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