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What's the best DisplayPort Cable to buy?

I'm due a new PC in a few weeks, I've been using an old GPU with only hdmi out but the new GPU is a RTX 3090 and has 3 DisplayPort's and 1 hdmi.

I'm going to connect it to 3 monitors used for different tasks, 2 of which have DisplayPort.

With this in mind I've been off looking for a good DisplayPort cable but I'm a bit lost.

I would rather spend extra now on cables that will work great and be a bit future proofed than end up buying twice.

Something like this?

Or this one at 3m long?

At the moment this is the best monitor I have:

I can't remember if it came with a DisplayPort cable so I'm looking to get a new one, but I am thinking about going triple screens in the future.

Anyone god a bit of advice?

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When you're keeping the lengths below 2m, every cheap dp 1.4 cable will do the job.
There's no future proofing, since the future will bring a new standard and then you'll need a new one anyway.

Better signal protection is only needed for longer cables.

In my experience, any 1.8m dp 1.4 cable that costs more than 10€ will do its job.
Probably most 3-5€ cables will also work.

All this "you need a good hdmi cable!!!" comes from people wanting to connect their 4k TV in a different room than their pc (like me, lol) or beamers across a class room and similar situations where we're talking about 5-20m lengths!
Don't fall for the 'more expensive is better' trap as long as the cable meets the specs of what you are trying to connect, then you are good to go. unless you are looking for a certain aesthetic, i would not spend a lot on a cable.

people that tell you different are flexing their peen. unless of course your cable is 10 meters long, then you need better quality.