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F1 2013 Whatever i do... OUT OF RANGE

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)
Hi everbody!

Just installed F1 2013 and i wanted to set up my Graphics but i can choose whatever i want!
In Fullscreen i get a OUT OF RANGE Error... WITH EVERY RESOLUTION!

Also F1 2013 doesn't saves my config.
I make them (with Rate 60 HZ!) , save it and restart F1 2013...
Then i back at 800x ** Pixels.

Anyone a idea HOW i can solve this?

Working 2 hours now on that problem
Yes i've tried EVERYTHING now...every Resolution, every Refresh rate...
i've also edited the config files and made them READ ONLY...

Nothing helps...

The game will NEVER save the Configs (with autosave and autosave off) ...

I work with Computers since 20 years but now i'm defeated...

I don't have ANY idea what else i can do

(P.S i got the SAME Resolution etc same Rate in F1 2012 and F1 2013...) so my Monitor can handle it.
But the game changes everytime when i hit ALT + ENTEr for Fullscreen the Refreshrate to 200!!!