What would your username be if you weren't licensed?


Nice apex, I'll take it!
A question to all licensed members. What would your username be if you weren't licensed/what was your username before you got licensed?
In '92 I started by using "Slick" for racing and flight sims. After a while there were too many Slick's running around so I became slick203 and for the last 10 years I've been "SlickDevel" in all my other sims so I'd probably go back to that.

Yves Larose

what would be my username if i wasn,t a license members, it an easy one i wouldn,t be registered to RD cause i,m here for the racing.

Omer Said

My nickname was "sad555" before getting licensed. But i stopped using that stupid nickname and turned to "WereSloth", so that would be my username as an unlicensed.


No money, no team racing.
I think "Painkiller"
Something a few friends started to call me, since I played that game alot a few years back.
It's actually one of my top favorite fps of all time.


RaceDepartment Administrator
I was 13 and started playing some online shooter of which I can't remember the name. I took DYRWK as a joke, for when people asked what it meant. 'Do you really wanna know'?