What would your dream driving game would be like?

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    My dream game would be something like Forza Horizon but the cars would be way more detailed (interior/exterior etc), the sounds as well should be perfect and the driving should be simulation with the physics being spot on - with amazing forcefeedback feeling every bump of the road. You also should be allowed to use all of the cars features i.e headlights, blinkers, windows, interior heating, massage seats, AC etc.

    The dream of the game would be to drive around in an open world simulation with other players, where you do not have to compete but just enjoy the roads, cruising around a large scale beautiful map (more about the map later). But to get those lovelier cars you need to RACE! The Competitions of races will range from track, street, drag , drift, rally etc. By winning races you raise cash!! This will let you modify your vehicle and buy newer ones (To have amazing cars should take a lot of time so they are rarer, and will feel like you earnt it). There will also be competitions where there is a series of races and the champion is the one with most points - competitions will give a bigger pay out.

    But you can not live in your car right?! So!! You are able to splash your cash!, on houses ranging from trailers, barns, apartments, cottages, houses big n small, to mansions and even yachts! But you also can not go around naked right?! Buy clothes ranging from swim wear to racing overalls, and whats the point of having nice clothes if you cant show them off? Cruise to nightclubs, bars, restaurants or even throw a party at your own house with other players from the community. But hold up, the better racing rating you have (by competing in races and doing well AND BEHAVING, abit like Iracing) the better clothes you can buy, cars you can get, houses, haircuts, clubs you can enter etc. If you drive like a douche, you lose rating and will not be able to buy nice stuff not even nice cars!

    The dream map would include all types of roads from country side twisty small lanes, to busy cities and massive motorways and of course tunnels!! So you can pull down your windows and make those lovely tunnel noises. There will also be track days where you cruise your car across the map to a track (nurburgring-esque) where you pay a small fee and zoom around. Preferably the map will resemble Italy, as it has lovely roads, beaches, cities, mountains, country side lanes etc. oh and ofc VR support!

    This is just a few ideas I have for my dream driving game.

    Share yours!
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    My dream race game look like The Crew 2, but so much bigger map, the whole earth:rolleyes: