What would you like to see in "GTR3"?

Ross Balfour

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This topic could go on forever for me so I'll stick with the main ones:

  • Night Racing of Course
  • Longer Races
  • Fully functional safety car
  • Skin Saving Option so when you are online and someone has a skin, you have a choice to save it to your game forever
  • Wider choice of race options like complete rearrnage of the grid for second race, Choice of 3 races, choice of shorter first race then longer second race etc. etc.
  • Better championship options for offline championships
  • You get to choose what cars you race against with in a race (Not just by model but by driver)

Anyone else got any suggestions?

Richard Kay

Good suggestions Ross, some more control on race format and grids. Restart options and overall better admin features.

Expert set-up advice - An AI race engineer of sorts with in-game telemetry to advise on set-up changes.
Proper dynamic weather.
Camera editing tools and other movie making features like TV style overlays on replays.​
a usefull racecontrole for manualy aply yellow,red,black flaggs
and way more important a prostyle broadcasting feature with overlays for standings splittime etc several virtual monitors so the broadcaster
can swap easy back and forth betwine pre chosed positions and not have to clip up and down the whole grid
slot to allow a seperate visitor server to watch the race live (min 100 spectator slots)
larger grids up to 60 cars for endurance races
- possibility to flatspot a tire, more tyre choices - generally a greater role of tire management
- fully working weather and daytime system
- more cars in online play
- more bumps (like on real track) and changes in grip levels on a track meaning marbles build-up, offline dust
- a cleaner UI to handle more options in one menu
- replay editor
- league broadcasting options, live timing
- in game skin editor
- in game voice chat/ teaming option
- driver change in longer races
- a track and car guide
- need to accomplish a driving test with certain car/track before you are able to race online

more to come :)
- A career mode, start off in Minis or something similar, progress to GT3s and then into the GT1s.
- A wider range of pit to car radio calls.
- A nice damage model.
- Moddabilty.
- Great car sounds.
- Pit strategies, the AI can make clever calls as well.
- Real weather, the race can be halted due to flooding etc.

But thats in an ideal world.
- a Linux dedicated server, to keep the root server costs low
- a build-in remote interface in the dedicated server
- skid marks and rubber build-up from the complete grid are displayed and affect grip levels
- a better lag handling, i.e. if someone had connection problems in the field (positions changes outside physical car parameters and is in close range to other cars) he will get removed automatically
- no more completely random engine health at race start
- animated pit stops/garage and a pitboard
- an optional "radio link" to your box, who tells you your stats and car problems, so you don't need any HUD in your car anymore
- an optional real! Helmet view in all cars
- an optional frame limiter with a dynamic LOD system, to achieve a silk and smooth gameplay adjusting on your general PC performance and some worst case scenarios (lot of cars in front of you with a demanding scenery)
- in game friend list

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Great suggestions guys, if we had all this I would never leave my PC!

Some more:

- A "Rival" system which keeps track of who you raced before and depending on how close you were, they get a certain rating of rivalry with you. From say Not even close - Worst enemies. That could be fun :)
- A proper online ranking system rather than the crap one we have at the minute
- A choice to save a server as "Favourite" so it's right there when you go online, rather than having to trawl through it.
- AI that adjusts to your speed
- More realistic AI, they can crash into each other, make mistakes, make bold passes, block the racing line etc.
- Instead of the server saying "Unknown" it tells you what mod or track it is, rather than you having to guess all the time and downloading every mod and track under the sun until you finally realise what it is (Sorry rant mode off :p)
- Easier to kick wreckers from a server, rather than needing the whole field to vote.

:D Now I really can't think of any more without getting stupid :)


How about:

  • Different FT/Le Mans Series included, i.e.
  • -- FIA GT Championship
  • -- Australian GT Championship (yes I'm from Australia)
  • -- ALMS (American Le Mans Series)
  • -- Rolex GT Sports car championship (or whatever it's called)
  • -- World Le Mans series (if there is one)
  • I'd also like special events, i.e.
  • -- Le Mans 24 Hour
  • -- Nurburgring 24 Hour
  • This has already been mentioned but i'd like prototypes as well as GT cars.

Tim Meuris

-Decent set-up advice, like that AI race engineer for example mentioned a few posts above.
-Must have: fully working weather and daytime system.
-Personally I would really like an in game skineditor as well, cause I’m no photoshop hero…
-A trackguide and carguide as well.
-A more elaborate replay editor with more camera-angles, and the TV-view must hold more distance from your car so the action is better visible when racing in a pack.
-A careermode, something like that new f1-game would be AWESOME imo.
-A realistic damage model.
-And if possible: kickassgraphics!

(I do hope that beside the GT-classes, there is still a touringcars-class available)
I think most have already said what needed driver swap,
but I think also

- better or easier Dynamic weather system for online gaming, especially for long long endurance racing (6/8/12 or even 24 hours) (if it rains hard, it washes away the rubber build up for grip, looses grip and then needs to reapply rubber again to get more grip. a drying racing line (cars have then more grip in dry line then wet line)
- ditching the old engine (really important!!!!!!) (if no lizard engine, at least buy the Dirt 2 engine and try for more dynamic scenery and lightning and also support for direct x10 and x11.........if lizard engine, upgrade the lizard engine if doable for directx10 or 11 :))
- better admin control or race director control options during racing (ability for admins to use the pace car if needed for first lap or 2 of formation or caution...also to be able to do a Pau incident :)))
- broadcasting (helping) tools during racing
- ability to be able to start in the pit if countdown timer for joining the track has expired)
- pit crew animation needs to be back and pit stops takes less time than they currently do (all depending on the car type....if openwheel, able to fuel up and change tires at the same time)
- bring Prototype cars
- able to test the cars with option of old tires on it (so setup can be better made based on when tire wear comes into play)


oh yeah 1 more important thing
- let us have 50 plus driver on the track online......or at least you guys can make the options for us dedicated hosters....
nobody has dail up now (or almost nobody :)) and fiberglass is around the corner soon for most of us. So let us have more than the 25 online players......it's bs to keep the numbers low with connection speed getting better and better

Eric Nelson

How about when a track is created the highest grip level is on the "REAL RACING LINE" instead of the atrocious excuse for a racng line that is on most tracks add on and otherwise ATM.


Just thought of something else - AI changing setups themselves

i.e. You have an add-on track with a long straight (like Le Mans if my wish of the Le Mans 24 Hours doesn't come true:D:D:D) and the default setup for the AI has gear ratios more suited for Monaco. They could go out, realise they're on the rev-limiter for ages and come back in to lengthen the ratios.

P.S. I wonder if SIMBIN are reading this:wink:

David Wright

This is a wish list and you can wish for whatever you want - I wish the game to sell for £10 and come with a free Ferrari :)

However, in terms of realistic wishes we should remember that the FIA GT series owner has announced a video game of the championship, and Simbin have announced a new GTR game which goes back to their roots. Their roots are the FIA GT championship so it is almost certain that the new GTR title will simulate the FIA GT1 championship.

This being so it would be sensible to look at that championship to determine what the game might include.

The races in the new GT1 championship are one hour long.
There will be 24 cars on the grid.
There will be a mandatory pitstop window with driver and tyre changes but no refuelling.
Teams will be limited to 4 sets of tyres in a race weekend.
Teams will be limited to two engine changes in a season or face grid drop penalties.

It is also worth remembering that the title is likely to be on XBox360 as well as PC and the console version will be the big seller.

Personally I can't see GTR3 having either 24 hour racing or supporting grids of 40 or more. I don't know if any of the one hour races will be held at night, but if not it probably won't include night racing either.

Most of the tracks are new for Simbin and in any case I'm hoping the game raises the bar such that all the tracks will have to modelled from scratch. That will be quite a lot of work for a relatively small developer like Simbin so I'm not expecting any other major series - just support series for the GT1 championship.

I'm hoping for Grid like graphics, tracks approaching iRacing accuracy and new physics, with a really in-depth simulation of the GT1 series and its supporting series, including rules such as 4 sets of tyres in a race weekend, and the two engines in a season rule.
i'dd like to see.

16:9 widescreen for real, i think it is now 4:3.

engine based on a 64 bit platform

DX 11.xx

night races, with some lights that keeps working when beiing hit form behind in the dark.

much better force feedback, or easier to set it up for each car. or already set up pro car.

Better sounds for the engines and tyre scrubbing.

That will do i reckon.
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