What would you like the online competition to be like


As above, I'm starting this here as there is a thread on the official forum but I'm banned and can't reply to it obviously.
Someone said that they don't want series locked behind a progressive licencing system, and they don't want a driver rating system, imho there is absolutely no point in having an online competition if both of these aren't included, I mean what would be the point.
I for one would love something very similar to iracing, but with a way way way more harsher penalty system, to keep everyone who lack respect in check, iracing is basically a free for all, and the quality of racing has gone way downhill because the penalty system is way to lenient.
There has to logical progression through the series so we can track our online career

Anyway just my tupence
The build up for the new UI and competition system has been going for so long, I fear it wont live up to the hype. I don't think we are going to get an iRacing type of system, just doesn't seem sustainable for a game that by Marcels admission has maybe 3 years left of development before they move on. I think we are more likely to get an ACC type of system, and we all saw how that went. Maybe I'm way off base and missed s397 saying it will be iracing-like but it seems everyone is expecting that, but I would be surprised. Whatever it ends up being, I just hope it turns more people into regular rf2 users. This is by far my favorite sim to drive in and would love to see the active community expand with more racers, mod makers, content creators & esports.