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What was your first car?

Paulo Ribeiro

Animals and Racing Lover
Oct 13, 2008
What was the very first car you have had/drive?

First car i had drive, was my Dad´s Cortina Lotus 1600, yellow livery with black stripes

My first car was an Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Júnior, dark blue

Clive Siggs

May 6, 2007
Well first car I drove was my mum's when I was 14 :)

It was a Daihatsu Charade.........a bit like this one except all in white

The first car I bought was a Opel Calibra when I was 19 - it was the same colour as this one but I had different alloys


Brett Bagstad

Feb 23, 2008
First car i drove and owned was a 1989 Chevrolet s10 me and my dad fixed up for me pic is actually of my truck a year or so after we restored it. Weather has already gotten to the truck by the time of this picture.

but the first car i bought was a 1993 Chevrolet 1500 this pic is also actually of my truck but this time a few weeks after purchasing it


Lewis Owen

Dec 11, 2008
mazda 323f, still got it, not the greatest car, but it will do untill I get the Ferrari.

Edit- not actually my car in the picture, same but in a different colour.


Jason Parks

First car I drove was a 1996 Ford Escort 1.6i 16v, wasn't mine tho, but then I got this..............


Simon Bacon

Apr 11, 2008
MG Metro Turbo..........bloody awful car. Cost me £900 to buy it and £1300 to insure it, but I terrorised the back lanes of Leicestershire for a couple of years.........'twas "fun":tremble:

Simon Bacon

Apr 11, 2008
Lol Simon, a 1.0 Metro was my second car, weird but i had lots of fun in it. :laugh2:
Mine was a bit of dog from what I remember. As I was saying to Lee last night, always drove around with a roll of gaffa tape and a supply of elastic bands.......and a foot pump. Not for the tyres but to keep the Hydrogas suspension.......erm...........inflated.:laugh2:

Dave Gardner

Jul 15, 2007
the first car i actually drove was when i was 10,it was an old morris 1100 which my dad and i prepared for banger racing. i raced with the juniors until i was 13 then i was TOLD to go with the older guys as i was too aggresive towards the other juniors, but my little morris was no match for the bigger cars the others used,ie austin maxi,granada's jag's,cortina's etc,so i managed to get hold of an accident damaged mk2 jag,1974 and got it ready for the following season. it progressed from there and i had allorts,including a heavily modded rover SD1 which was basicly stripped and rebuilt using steel checker plate,weighed nearly 2 tonne by the time it was finished lol.

my first car i actually purchased myself when i passed my test at 17 was a ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door in a gorgeous metallic purple,with 13" alleycat special alloys,2" big bore exhaust and racing buckets with 6 point harnesses.

then my next car was a 1983 rover SD1 vitesse, 3.5ltr v8 with 5 speed manual. awesome car. bring back the old days i say.

all this new crap does nothing for me.


Andy Marsden

Well as I have only been driving for about 3 months my first car and my current car are one and the same!
Citroen C3 Exclusive 1.6hdi in Light Blue
Sep 30, 2008
My first car was a Ford Anglia 105E when I was 17:

A bit like that one. Unfortunately I don't have piccies of it, because I immediatley took it apart. Stupid boy. All it needed was a bit of lowering and some 5.5j rims and I would of had a car. No, I decided to try and fit a Rover V8 into it. at 17. With no cash. What a dullard.

Experience and hindsight are wonderful things....
Sep 15, 2008
First car that I owned was a beetle from 1969 babyblue, unfortunally no pics but loved it perfect little party wagon easy to spin and play around in the gravel with. Then my brother "helped" me change the sparkplugs and sqrewed them on wrong. That made one of them go "pof" and I swapped it to a 1975 Datsun 120f, BIG MISTAKE.

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