What was your favourite part of RUSH? *HEAVY SPOILERS*

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    Once again, this is a heavy spoilers thread, so, if you are reading this, don't read any further if you don't want the movie spoiled for yourself.

    I should of made this thread when the movie was in theaters, but, I didn't. Oh well, better late than never.


    Aside from the views of the cars and what not and James Hunt winning the title, my most favourite part of the movie was when that ***hole reporter asked Niki Lauda after he came back from his surgery if he thought his wife thinks he was ugly.

    After that, James took him to a secluded room and bloodied him and said something like, "Ask your wife if she thinks you're ugly." It really shows how much they respected one another despite their heated rivalry.

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  2. Ron Squire

    Ron Squire


    Tom Pryce's (F1 Driver from Wales) helmet was seen for only 1 second at the beginning

  3. Ketnix



    When I think back on Rush the first thing that always hits me is that scene with Enzo sitting by the track, then Lauda bad mouthing the Ferrari. As that went on I couldn't help but remember Prost describe his Ferrari handle like a truck.

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  4. My993C2


    I liked the scene when Niki Lauda first meets his future wife Marlene, Marlene's car breaks down and the two Italian dudes stopped to help them, not because Marlene was looking sexy in her dress (yes she was looking sexy), but because it was Niki Lauda stranded on the side of the road. Then they make Niki drive the car while the two Italian dudes are sitting in the back seat loving every moment.

    One of the Italians: "Nobody is going to believe Niki Lauda is driving my car"

    Marlene: "Will somebody please tell me what's going on".

    Love it ... great scene. :D
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  5. Christian Lyngbye

    Christian Lyngbye

    The racing scenes from the 1976 British GP where James Hunt overtook Niki Lauda. I still like Niki Lauda more so I was satisfied when Hunt was disqualified from the Spanish GP but the racing was quite intense. Otherwise I thought there was too much CGI and the sound was mixed too loud for the racing.
  6. Ho3n3r


    When James tells Niki "Rats are Rats".

    Lauda goes off on a description of how intelligent rats are, and a whole story is weaved by him, about noble rats.

    James looks at him, stunned and confused, and just says "Right", and turns around and walks away :roflmao:
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  7. Dux


    That is my favorite scene too! Since the guy in the back with the mustaches the one with the short and dark hair, is just the same as a friend of mine, just without the mustaches, in looks and reactions when i go fast hahah when i was watching in the cinema, although everyone loved it and laughed i laughed the most of the scene :D

    Also the quotations of Marlene when she says: "why should i know you who you are?" and the replies from the guys at the back, kinda gives F1 drivers special attraction or special recognision, something that nowadays is perhaps lost a bit, which surely they deserve. They tell her and suddenly she drives her crazy and stuns her by the way he drives, i loved it every second of those 5minutes.
  8. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    That last race in Monza.. Very well recreated.

    Sounds were a bit lackluster, didn't like the mix at all. The wonderful roar of those engines was completely lost behind too many SFX layers and foleys. Of course i was expecting for the engines to be at the front of the soundimage, but it was not a dramatic element, more like a background noise. It mostly staid at dialogue levels, which is always dull to watch. Excellent for after midnight but not the specatular earth shaking howl that you expect when your "ear" is 20cm from the engine..

    Also some of the CGI suffered from wrong inertia, which was really surprising.. It looks like someone spend way too many days on those, i'm 100% sure it looked better at first draft.. The deceleration that should happen, doesn't, we end up then on neutral speed, illusion of Titanic size mass and then we are suddenly at the end frame reserved for that clip (most likely referenced to real life footage or simulations..) so the vehicle suddenly stops in two frames like it has no mass. Our eyes are very efficient picking these things up, our lives kind a depends on predicting trajectories very fast...

    Those CGIs suffer from "first look" paradox: you can see any one clip only once the first time. The audience sees it the first time and they can pick up on things that are not natural or takes too long or short. A dialogue that feels to an audience member like it's dragging too long: most likely it didn't when the screenplay was first written.. It's very big issue and you can see this happening on basically every movie. You can test that by watching a video clip, preferably a short movie twice and compare how long each time seemed to take... The "second look" is usually shorter (unless it's a long dialogue between action sequences, when it may seem longer, there are no rules AFAIK how it happens but it does..)
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  9. António da Cunha

    António da Cunha

    I enjoyed a lot the scenes when Lauda talks **** about the Ferrari car, improves the car, they watch the car being faster and then bargains for a place in the team with same rights. Pure win.
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  10. the_sigman


    The scene where Lauda tries to put his helmet on. Shows how much he wanted to go back and finish some business, really inspirational imo
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