What to expect from Oculus DK2?

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    Hi All,
    i'll be receiving a DK2 soon and need to clear up a bit of the knowledge out there.

    I've browsed through countless threads but it's hard to collect all the relevant info in one place, so many different peaces of info out there.

    I would just need to recap some basics:

    1) I am aware only a few modes are playable with the Oculus: specifically i understand practice, but what about hot lap? Is there anyway to "play" hot laps with theb DK2 with the ghost car? How do you see your time results while in game?

    2) I understand the best way to play is via using the ACHelper launcher AND SweetFX: any other particular setting which is key?

    3) As i dont yet have the Oculus this might be a stupid question but...i have a Seating Rig besides the table with the computer (and the place where DK2 camera will be), meaning that i will be playing not facing the old monitor, but angled 90 degrees: is there any particular setup i have to do in order for the ocuus camera to properly work? Will i have to recalibrate it each time i use a different program with the DK2?

    4) Any other useful suggestion?

    Thanks a lot for the help. Again, i spent a month reading through all possible forums and sites, it's just very hard to get all info on one place.


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    Bram Hengeveld
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    If you need more stuff to read make sure to check out this search query as well.

    Don't have the device so I am a lousy helper :)
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    Hi Vanni, I will try to answer some of the questions for you and I'm sure there are a few others that can chime is as well.

    1) I haven't tried all modes but, practice and race modes work as well as online, I believe Career and challenges work as well. You can see your relative laptime for each lap.

    2) I don't use AC helper but, it sounds like it might be helpful. Having a monitor limited to 60hz can cause some issues if switching the rift on/off in game or the launcher and AC helper may be able to help with that. I wasn't able to use Sweet FX as it caused AC to crash for me but, many people report good things.

    3) Once you calibrate the HMD head-tracking and basic parameters in the Oculus Utility, games that have Oculus support will reference that information to provide general positional tracking but, some minor adjustment may be needed in-game. Setting a controller button as a VR reset makes that very easy; you just move your head in the opposite direction of where you want to move to and press VR reset. Repeat until satisfied.

    AC preset button / VR function
    Glance Right = Exit (alt+F4)
    Glance Left = Reset to Start Grid
    Glance Back = Initiate Countdown Timer
    Celebrate = Recenter View (Cntrl+space)

    4) Learn what you can, make some notes and be prepared to spend some time tweaking and troubleshooting. VR with the Oculus Rift is an amazing experience and because it is ideal for use with seated control use, it is well beyond what can be done in most other game-types. It requires some work but, it's already worth it IMO. Last of all, as you are doing now, ask if you need help. There are quite a few of us here and on the official AC forums, the Oculus forums and Reddit.
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    Hi lads, couldn't post in buy/sell/trade for some reason.
    WTB DK2. If you've one for sale kindly PM me. Cheers