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What should i used the covered switches for

James Robertson

Oct 1, 2010
Hi There

I have just invested in a dashboard / button box (Sim Racing Hardware) for my Fanatec Clubsport V2 wheel and was wondering what the covered switches would be best used for.

I always thought these covers prevented the switch from being pushed up or down but when you put the cover down it flips the switch downwards which I didn't expect to be the case.

What would be the real life application for these switches within a racing car?


Oct 22, 2010
I believe the intention of the cover is to guarantee that the switch is never "on" if you see the cover down, and to prevent from accidental turning on while moving hands around a panel.

IMHO not much use in any realistic situation in a modern car. I have seen people use it for ignition (but it will be perpetually "up" and you may accidentally kill your engine). Maybe as a pit limiter?

Brendan Little

Mar 9, 2012
We have one in our real track car for ignition and push start for starting. We have igintion on this type of switch so that the car can never be started when its in gear and its easier to turn off (as we have no key) its just an easier way to prevent accidental starting and easier to see in case of an accident if the car is off. We also have a kill switch for the battery. In Sim Racing, not sure what you'd use it for bar looking cool, maybe pit limiter like has been mentioned or some macro key.

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