What rFactor mods would you like to see back in rFactor 2?


-F1 CTDP and MMG
-CART Factor
-Endurance Series
...and many more good mods :)

Antonio Correia

I would like to have some CART Mods from the 80's and 30's era

Dave Oliver

I have a feeling HistoriX 2 & V8Factor 2 (or whatever they will call it), are waiting for rF2 to come out. I wish TCL would be able to be ported across but i dont see that happening unless the WTD version gets used.

I know of 1-2 modding groups that have suspended modding until rF2 comes out so they can test what can and can't be done in rF2. Both of the groups are in the Top10 or so @ SRT.

Xosé Estrada

It is cool that we have such good mod groups, this guarantees content at rF2 level in every aspect... but I'm more worried about tracks :)

Lee Palmer

Plenty of good track makers for rF1, hopefully they carry on with rF2. Having said that the actual in game track quality looks better than it was on rFactor 1 - comparing the pics of Malaysia to Northamptonshire.
I'd like to see all the F1 Teams pool together and create the ultimate F1 2011 Mod.

They must do a better job than CM have done with F1 2010, and on the rfator2 engine it could be awesome.


Ross Balfour

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What I really hope is that we won't see just "copy and paste" jobs into RFactor2 from the original RFactor as that would just ruin the whole novelty of having a new game. Hopefully some top quality mods are transferred with improved physics and graphics to match those of the new game.


Enduracers Endurance Series (Porsche Carrera Cup France wouldn't be bad aswell), BMW M1 ProCar, AE86 Club, CART Factor, ...
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