What race game(s) are you waiting for?

What race game(s) are you waiting for

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David Wright

I've been waiting for GTR3 and rF2 for years. I didn't expect to be looking forward to a Codies title but I think I'm looking forward to F1-2010 the most and even better it should arrive first.
rFactor 2 is on top of my list, it looks extremely promising! TDU 2 is the second, I'm not sure I can get it right at the release though. I'm not sure about GTR 3, waiting for some more infos about that game.
I should've checked "other" too, to cover WRC if it comes to our shores.
GTR3 for sure, and I do want to see what RTR has to offer. Sounds incredible. To see those pro's drive off and leave me at the start of a race would be a brilliant 5 seconds. LOL

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Yes WRC can be the last option of the poll :) In all honesty i have forgotten to add it. Will do now.

David Wright

Is RTR ever going to be a realeased game? I thought it was just to test iopener's technology for use in other titles (such as the new GTR).


Can I change my poll? I did rF2, GTR3, GT5 and TDU2, now I want to add WRC 2010 aswell LOL (it wasn't there when I polled). If I can't do anything, could you admin people etc. help me out (maybe add WRC to my vote or remove mine so I can poll again?).
Just rFactor 2 for me, don't care that much about others. It's probably the only reason why I haven't bought rFactor this year.

Ondrej Kapal

Senad I was just thinking the same like you... somewhere at this forum, I wrote the same sentence... but I said, why wait... I just regret I didnt buy rfactor earlier :) I highly recommend do the same and meet together on the track :D it can gives you so much
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