What kind of mods are multiplayer capable?

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    as i was looking for mods for Codemasters F1 2011 i found a various amount of mods, from changing a helmet, over changing cams or changing the AI to be faster or more aggressive. Beside from racedepartment.com i also found a "total conversion"-mod which makes the game look like the new 2012 saison, including changing helmets, car skins, menu screens, new cams, but also changing the AI to adapt to the new drivers in 2012. I really like the idea to have the new 2012 content as early as possible but i'm wondering what kind of mods are multiplayer capable?

    Currently i'm right into a co-op championship with a friend and i changed a few helmets as well as new cams and i still can play online, but where is the limit what you can do or not while still being able to play online? I don't want to mess around with my F1 2011 installation, so does anyone know what will happen if only one side, or both (co-op dude and me) installs a mod which changes the performance of the AI? If only my friend installs the mod and he will host the game, then invite me, does the installed AI mod will work because he is the host of the session? Is there any other kind of mod which is questionable to be multiplayer capable? I don't think car skins or menu skins will be a problem, but as i wrote, i'm worried about the AI stuff.

    Would be nice if someone can help me here, as i don't find any information on any site, or just vague answers. Thanks.

    Q: Will any mods prevent me from playing online?​
    A: Any mod that changes the database.bin file will likely prevent online play. This includes most Ai mods as well as ones that increase Flashbacks among others. Make sure to use the above programs so you can disable the appropriate mod before going online.​
    yea, i should have looked in the FAQ before. -_-​
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    Camera and texture mods are fine, since they work locally on your computer. Everyone else sees the textures THEY have (either default or custom ones).
    Database mods (that change team/driver names) should work too.
    Anything that messes with the car physics might be a problem though.
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    I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if you play on LAN offline multiplayer in F1 2011 and both computers do have the exact same files and mods installed should there be a problem with the car physics ?