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What is the point of race director?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by marc27, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. marc27


    First of all the game is really good and a step in the right direction after lasts years game. Let's and Drs have made the racing very exciting.

    I have done seven career races and not seen one thing on the race director screen even though there has been quite a few crashes etc. Seems a pointless addition to me.
  2. Igor Tomičić

    Igor Tomičić

    Race director let's you check which tyres your competition has fit, as well as checking the amount of their pit stops.
    Racing incidents between AI aren't recorded I believe.
  3. Markus Neumann

    Markus Neumann

    I find it quite useful, at least for 50% and 100% races. It helps me determine my strategy. After the start, I check who has started on primes. Later on, after the first pit stops, it helps to determine who has actually pitted already and to which tyres, which helps to decide how much I need to push and if its necessary to turn up the fuel mode a little.

    The incidents screen DOES show AI incidents, right in the first FP1 of my career, Timo Glock got a grid penalty for causing a crash and it showed up in there ;-)
  4. Chris Preston

    Chris Preston

    As Markus said I find them more useful in long races, but I really think they should put some more effort into what use they are. Just from looking at the track map you can tell if there's a wreck in the area, you're approaching lapped cars, and even if you're catching up to someone or they're catching you.

    The most use they have to me at the moment is telling me when people pit, and what kind of tires they're on.
  5. koeloe


    It would have been more useful if it showed the gaps between cars. Then you'll be able to work out how many sec you have to make up to get in the points for instance.
  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I do find it quite useful.. at least now we can see a run down of our completed laps and sector times whch was never possible in 2010. I have yet to see any incident reported though despite seeing (and being part of) several on track in both practice a race sessions.