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What is my next upgrade?


I'm jealous (and puzzled).

The puzzled part is my normal state when a computer does what I want him to
(without f...ing about for half an hour :mad:)

To avoid miscommunication, this what were talking about?

RPM Effect Simhub1.jpg

MFG Carsten
I like the look of your belt tensioner that looks like it could provide some useful feedback, what software did you use for it, is it Simhub?
no, I used Fly PTmover (as I use it as well for my Gseat air bladders) but I could have used Simtools as well.
Simhub seems to be lacking of Gforces details...


Yes, mine is similar.
Last summer, pucks rumbled as soon as I clicked into cars,
but sometime since stopped outputting until cars begin moving.

That is seriously strange.
Normaly when such things happen to me I fiddled in a place i shouldn´t have.
For the last few weeks I "misplaced" the steering for MX5Cup car, by fiddling with Asseto corsa Car Tuner.
Had to redownload and Steam Check everything, after a few days it started working again :rolleyes:.

So, where have you been fiddling around?

MFG Carsten


So, where have you been fiddling around?
Everywhere? Replaced G29 wheel base with AccuForce,
Odyssey+ with Reverb G1. Documents/Assetto Corsa/ folder
was deleted 3 different times to recover steering and pedals,
Running newer versions of Nvidia driver, SimHub and Content Manager.
Changed any number of USB devices, including sound cards and HOTAS.
Installed more/newer VR apps and a half dozen audio instrumentation apps