What does this community really wants?

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Looking at what this community is playing, this week on PC, there is more people driving in AC than in ACC and RF2 and PCars2 put together.
This says something about what we are actually driving, which sometimes is not represented by what is making the news or actively discussed on RD.
AC in it present state, on PC, attract more players than the other 3 put together. I also play the other 3, but far less, that I spend time in AC.
To me, AC is with all the toppings, VR, CM, Shader, SOL, real mirrors, all the tracks and mods and not just the one available here, has so much to offer, it is unbelievable.
This morning I raced 2008 f1 in Montreal with all the cars with proper livery down to the helmets, dynamic changing weather, 22 cars on the grid. I was there at that race in 2008 and AC is virtually bringing me back, but this time I am driving, priceless!
Only AC has that ability to only limit what you can do to what you can imagine or desire.
Judging by that it is driven by the majority, AC is really what this community wants, and I am talking about the one actually driving, not the minority writing 80% of the post here, too busy complaining to actually enjoy our great hobby.
That is the community I am referring to, the one who drive.
Hopefully developers are paying more attention to that and less to the constant bickering, arguing about details and ultimately never satisfied, that we read here, page after page, from the people posting on RD.
What we want is to have fun and that is what a majority of us get from AC with all the toppings.


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Even though I'm totally OK with what you just told in your post ... and I was driving AC more than ACC for example this and past months and enjoy it very much .... I'm already guessing this comparison of audiences for AC and ACC for example might quickly change in September.

I'm driving in a french league mainly but also I know that other french leagues will do the same: ACC Championship ( for some with another AC one but not all ).
Leagues were all very quiet in the summer holidays as usual .... but for all next months activity is waking up again .... often with ACC.
And leagues here and surely everywhere .... that's really a big pack of drivers.... so I really think your conclusion of previous posts, even if they are right ... may change quickly in the next weeks.

But, although I'll drive more ACC in the coming weeks .... I still prefer AC for many reasons you also mentioned in your post.
ACC is surely a very good sim ... but it still misses much while it's very promising .... it still needs improvements, corrections and user-friendlier hud and system and hopefully still optimization.
AC is my most driven sim because two that I race in use it...one of these leagues will never change to ACC because it is not moddable. The other league I am not sure. That said, I may join some ACC races here on RD.

ACC has great potential but I love open wheel cars as well so I doubt it will ever be my favorite.

The ability to mod is really the killer for ACC I believe.


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I think calling it "the community" is the key error... AC is popular because it supports way more communities than those other games. AC has serious leagues, modders, drifters, hotlappers, cruisers... PCars2 at least throws a little bone in the direction of content variety but RF2 is not trying to sell to most of these groups at all, they strictly cater to endurance leagues. same for ACC it is only for GT3 blancpain fans, it's not for all the different subcommunities of sim enthusiasts.
Its also worth remembering that iRacing player numbers are in the same ballpark as ACs. This has no mods, a relatively narrow range of cars and compared to AC, ACC, PC2 and rF2 is very expensive.
I’m very new to race sims, always into flysims like Redbaron, WoFF, RoF, Clod and il2-BoS, went after to this race game after a research on what was best suited to me.
I did have a couple of things that were essential for me:
*). Capable of running in VR without the need of any VR-surrogate software like VorpX.
*). No “lease construction” like iRacing.
*). Can run in offline Champions/Career and arcade mode.
*). Huge amount of vintage car and vintage tracks,( 1933-1972)
*). Nice graphics.
*). Capable of handling a Force-feedback steer.
So keeping that in my mind, lots of race games could be skipped.
With all of this essential points and advices from forum members I went for AC with the complete DLCs. I also do have rF2, only that is more limited and does always have troubles like, the adjustment of the cockpit view in VR.
I know this is all very personal, but for me, right now I do not see any reason why I should hop over to the ACC-game.


You can also permanently remove it from the library, need to submit request to Steam. And wash your hands, with soap or stronger detergent, after done dealing with this abomination.
I kinda wish AC was a little further developed before Kunos abandoned it and moved onto ACC. I think what they achieved with AC was fantastic, but if they had properly invoked wet running / weather and perhaps updated the engine a little here and there like other developers have. Rf2 is still being developed heck even Live For Speed is getting an engine update soon I hear, so I was more than a little sad that AC was being effectively abandoned. I still think the FFB is the best bar none and the performance is fantastic. I griped years ago about the the road car content, but it is what it is, I’m all about racing cars so the nearly 50:50 ratio of road to race cars irked me a little but I guess it means a wider audience is reached which can only be a good thing in terms of popularity. It’s still my go to sim and I love the modding scene, something which devs now are all to willing to throw under the bus these days.
AC = sand box for sim racing. Do as you please. Will be very difficult to beat esp as the community has done as much for the as the developer. Jack of many trades and performs great across a wide range of systems.

Rf2 = too “hardcore” for many. By “hardcore” I mean a mess to deal with. Terrible UI, the need to tweak ini’s, missing quality of life optimizations, bad VR performance on a game that looks decidedly last gen. Fragmented user base due to how their dlc works.

ACC = feels like a mod turned into a game. Needs a lot of work.

It’s a race between ACC and rf2 on who can climb out of the mediocrity hole first.

Don’t own pcars. Iracing has nothing to fear in terms of competition.


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I kinda wish AC was a little further developed before Kunos abandoned it and moved onto ACC.
I don't know about that.

AC's lack of features triggered a little Russian genius to code Content Manager, which led to Sol and the Custom Shader Patch, which enabled a whole host of bedroom coders to add their own apps, tweaks and improvements. I think what we have now probably surpasses what Kunos would have come up with, and none of it would have happened without Kunos 'abandoning' AC in the first place.
Something with the next iteration of AC physics with an real world, open world style driving environments or at least driving areas as large or larger than LA Canyons. Good variety of street cars, weather and day night cycles. Essentially what we have now with AC, Shaders Patch and Sol although without the max level size physics shake bug.

Having AI is nice although I'd probably spend my time driving solo on a variety of real world roads or driving with like minded maniacs online. Give me a few 911s from different eras, some twisty roads and I'm happy.

If not for all the modders I'd probably not have amassed over 2000 hours in AC. Kunos laid the foundation with blood, sweat and tears although the modders took everything to the nth level.

Cote Dazur

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none of it would have happened without Kunos 'abandoning' AC in the first place

I agree, that for all the work of the modders to be worthwhile, the development of the title needs to have come to an end. Or else any advancement from the developers, might break of the advancements that we came to cherish.

That said, I do not think that Kunos "abandoned" AC, they developed it tremendously during the many years following the December 2014 launch. It had come to an end and it was time for Kunos to tackle a new project.:)

AC now is a little bit like Pinocchio, it has began a life on its own, independent of its creators.


I wish AC had iRacing's physics.