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What do you program on your wheel button plates?


Jul 5, 2019
if you have button plate programmable steering wheels, then what functions do you use most?


Aug 26, 2016
As you can see in the attached photo, I have dual functions (single press or hold for a moment). I have real functions and real stickers (I don't understand why some people use buttons labeled for instance as "drink" or some other functions used in race cars but not in sim racing). My steering wheel is mainly for rally, but it should also be used in other kind of disciplines. That's why I have some functions such as pit limiter or pit stop, although actually I don't need it at the moment, since I only run Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa. Quick functions and those most used are activated with single presses. Some buttons also work as directional buttons, used in Dirt Rally menus. Horn and flash share the same buttons because normally race cars use flash as an alert and road cars use the horn. The central red button is also conceived in case any sim I use in the future has the ignition and start functions. At the moment I use it to hide and lock the mouse pointer, so that it doesn't shows in the middle of the screen while racing (sometimes happens with the vibrations on the cockpit). The button for centering headset is also for when I purchase my Oculus headset (I hope soon). The help button is for car recovery in Dirt Rally. The stage is for cycling through stage conditions in the same game. Screen is for cycling through my different Simhub dashboard model of screens. Hud is for enabling or disabling the on screen info on Assetto Corsa. Go is for automatically go racing from the menus. The rest of the functions are quite obvious. The lack of wiper function is explained with my left paddle, which is not used for shifting (I use a WRC style paddle on the right for shifting). I do not use rotaries because I don't really need them. For instance, I never use brake balance or traction control adjustments. All of the functions on my buttons are carefully programmed in Autohotkey and work differently in each sim (the scripts are compiled as launchers for every game). Some buttons functions are very simple (for instance press esc or enter) but others are much more complex such as browsing menus and automatically selecting the right option.