What Do You Actually Want In A Car Game?

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Hodgepodge75, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Hodgepodge75


    I've been thinking about this for YEARS. NO game that has come out with vehicles in it yet has all of the features that I personally want packed into one game. So I was wondering what features you all wanted in a racing game.

    For me it's the fact that your car is always in virtually perfect running order. Yes there are some games that allow for vehicle health but it's not realistic. It's a health bar and if you hit enough stuff your car stops working or maybe you pop a tire. I want a game where you can actually have individual parts that don't function well and each one affects your car differently. Your fan belt could fly off and your car overheat, or your brakes are worn out and you can barely stop. Something other than every car being high performance machines.

    And yes there are games that have that, like Car Mechanic Simulator but that's not a the type of game people buy for the racing mode. I want to have the ability to install my own parts, used or new, and have them affect the performance of my vehicle. I want to be able to actually buy a junker and fix it up part by part to go racing. Take that and add soft body physics and you'd have quite an interesting game.

    The game that I know of that came closest to what I'm referring to is an older PC game called Hot Rod American Street Drag or it's sequel Hot Rod Garage to Glory. Both of them had part customization and part wear. Granted these didn't affect your car realistically but you get the concept.

    Either way, I'm never going to get to drive a formula one car or a car in NASCAR in real life, but I can buy a clapped out Honda Civic and build it up. Why can't we have a race game that is close to what we could actually do?

    But that's my wants, what about you guys? What do you want to see in a car game?
  2. ouvert


    - solid physics,
    - solid AI
    - full grid for certain racing series (manufacturers and also size of grid)
    - track list for certain series
    - fully customizable championships with all that should be implemented, (pit stops, day/night, penalty system - flags, drive through, stop`n go -, safety car, balast, proper pointing system with points for qually races and main races, mandatory pit stop option, customizable championship/race structure)
    - car setup with saving setups
    - damage that makes sense and affects driving (do you repair or save time and continue driving) and affects next race .. you blow engine? next race you are starting from pit, etc ...
    - free practice with AI
    - mixed class racing
    - assists based on real life (TC, ABS)

    just from the top of my head ..nothing revolutionary or new .... pretty much mix of GTR 2, AC, R3E, GSC and GTR Evo :)
  3. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    I think all of this was asked for by the investors of Pcars. What happened?:laugh::unsure:
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  4. ouvert


    :) ok added one more point
    -not caring about profit and not making it accessible for as large audience as possible
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