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DiRT Rally 2.0 what different between CTF vs CSV

why put csv in dirt and grid 1 but not in other games and did they make csv file not give too us just give the ctf file u can't edit wish gave use each of file i want drop idle sound on cars as sum idle too high would love have idle slow down, Stock is around 750-800. most HCI intake cars tend to be happy around 1000rpm but game mustang idle at 1500 too high i love lower as if got big cam wish cody give file so edit sounds better, i can edit bdl but can't seem find way put back in game or wish game pick up wav files then bdl file. any info on ctf or csv files be good.
I mostly don't know what you're talking about, but regarding idle rpms, don't forget that they are usually much higher in stage mode, around 2000 rpm seems to be the norm.