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Rupe Wilson

Ok guys it your turn to choose a default track to race on for next month
We will be using the default TC-65 class (unless stated in the race post) and this is for the Tuesday nigh race,
The sever will be up all month and all the default TC-65 class will be available to test with each week we will choose 2 cars to race with. default car list found HERE

Thursday night will be more of the same we will use the league cars from last season on a track.
I will put up the links for the car pack so all the cars can be tested at your leisure. and we will choose 2 for each event.

If you want to race on a different night to the 2 official nights that is not a problem just post in the club section and see if others also want to race, All i ask is that we use the same time starts 19:00GMT or 2 hours slots from this time .
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LOL someone actually voted for Zolder :laugh::roflmao:

As much as I love Spa, I didn't vote for it as IMO it really needs a LARGE crowd to make for entertaining racing, especially in the slower cars..:unsure:
But it seems pretty popular among voters, so go ahead, prove me wrong gents!:p

Rupe Wilson

LOL someone actually voted for Zolder :laugh::roflmao:

As much as I love Spa, I didn't vote for it as IMO it really needs a LARGE crowd to make for entertaining racing, especially in the slower cars..:unsure:
But it seems pretty popular among voters, so go ahead, prove me wrong gents!:p

i quite agree Roland,
i will admit i did vote for it, i just voted for a track that we hadn't used ,
No matter what track i pick lets look at working together for the first event
im hoping we have i mind set that say im just going to drive fast enough to get round and learn,
if we have big gaps we will not lean anything in the races.
So i ask the fast guys to look for the slower guys and think, how can i help. In practice let them follow you let them see how you drive the track..
Now to the slower guys.
learn from the faster guys, watch and follow them dont try to overtake them
They are faster then you for a reason.
They brake for the corner at that point as its quicker.
they use that line as its quicker.. We are in practice so use the practice time to your advantage
Watch Learn and Follow.
sit behind them a couple of car lengths, when they brake for a corner brake at the same time.(not at the same point on the track) the chances are they can brake harder than you so if your to close you will run into them ...
Lets try and learn the track before we start to race each other...

This is just a generalization not aimed at any 1 person but all of us
Now when were in the race..
i still see guys trying to go into corners 3 and 4 cars side by side...this is not going to work it will always,
well 95% of the time end up with contact or cars spinning..
You don't see this in real racing so why we think we can do i don't now..
lets try and avoid these things, learn to get back in line before the corner
the car in front, the car that wasn't being overtaken, the leader in the group.
he has the right to the corner and all fall back in line behind him..
Just because you get a run on a guy and get along side, you still have to think to yourself can i get through this corner side by side and cleanly if the answer is no maybe not ,Back off and fall behind him again. and the guy behind you can do the same
you will all get through the corner faster and not loose more ground to the guys up ahead..

Get used to following drivers, the fast guys at the front don't trade paint every corner they kind of work as a team to get ahead, yes they will overtake if the gap is there and will not slow themselves down in the process. ( also remember they are quicker than us and with this you could say they have a better understanding of racing) they pick there time to overtake where they know they can make the pass stick and maybe out a little gap.

As we all get better in our driving the racing should fall into place.
We wil race the track a number of times and as you have seen this month the racing has got better over the month.(with the odd slip up here and there.)
If you do make a mistake and tap a driver of track or get him out of shape don't forget to back off or wait for him to rejoin the track, and be more careful next time learn from the mistake.

I don't want this to seem like i want you all to drive in a big convoy for 15 laps with no overtaking. But i bet if we tried we wouldn't make 5 laps before we had a crash. Yet we do it on the road every day of our lives. (ooops. well some still crash)
So lets all think a bit more when on track, drive with respect to all drivers on track try and learn and think of the bigger picture.:)

And try to be as smooooth as you can with the car
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Paul Bennett

@Rupe Wilson, I agree with Roland on Spa as it's a big track would be hard work for guys like me (back maker) maybe keep in reserve for an enduro or a time trial weekend.

Could we set up a driving school night on the Tuesday or Thursday club nights, instead of racing ? as most people work around these days now. I know you did one some time back with Kunt :notworthy: but I missed it.

Maybe do a 2 hour session first hour FWD then RWD car default setups, nothing too fast we could play follow the leader with any fast vs slow driver. Take turns with watching from the pits on monitor see how the driver is tacking his lines, T/S will a big help us all here chat box will have work around that.

You got me sorted on the Ftruck demo this week made big improvement with the sim, only took about 10 mins to tick all the boxes :)
was thinking of posting something along the lines of what Paul has posted so I would like to see something like this happen.
What I also think would be handy would be to show/teach how to drive those big heavy cars (Mustang, Mercury Cougar, etc). There is a technique in moving those cars around corners quickly.

Hopefully, I am making sense with this :)

Rupe Wilson

This is what im working on as posted in the premium drivers club

"My idea is to have a track with the race line painted on the track so we have a line to follow and practice going round keeping your car over the white lines at all times.
i hope to have a couple of version of this where there will be corners where the white line is wide of the apex so there will be a overtaking points round the track.
The car in front will follow the line and the car behind can then see where he has a opportunity to overtake using different line through the corner.
Extra brake markers so you can test your braking into the corner
A nice line at the turn in point that will let the driver know if he is not along side the car by the point he has no right to go for the inside move into a corner under normal conditions.
I know in a race things are different and you would try to defend your position from the car behind, but we are trying to do this in a controlled manner where the door will be left open, this can still be quite a challenge to get your braking correct and hold your line to make the pass without contact...

Hopefully the track and its lines will give us all something to practice either online of offline

My problem is that i might not be able to tell how to solve a problem a driver may be having, or whether the fact im not the fastest my points are relevant or will be listened too but i can do consistent laps and finish races without crashing into people (most of the time). so im sure i have something to offer.

So if we have a track were we have lines to stick to a bit of the work is already done
we can have little groups of 3 or 4 driving round together with a car length between us all, I think it would be a good starting point..
and then go form there with speed and numbers of cars.
If we can get the guys who are new or struggle, to get up to my speed im sure there will be more fun on track and a bigger group."


Well, allow me to add another completely off-topic contribution :D

I agree with most you're saying there Rupe (you're saying a LOT:p) but beware of the traps..

I agree a lot can be learned from watching other drivers, even watching others drive while you're in the garage; you don't HAVE to actually follow them on-track to learn.
In fact maybe not everyone knows it's possible to watch others drive full-screen with full HUD of that driver so you can see their revs, timings, gear, fuel and stuff.. from inside the garage!! A lot to can be learned from that..:rolleyes:

And yes, time allowing I'd be happy to help anyone requesting it with how to drive on track; just don't ask too much about setups, I'm only scratching the surface there myself.

However, even with all the teaching in the world there's no guarantees on how quick anyone can be. It depends on their PC and racing hardware, their connection, their having basic understanding of the forces involved in getting a car around a bend... and lots more.

Plus, IMO, there's no substitute for practice. There just are NO shortcuts to becoming an alien. I know because I'm lacking there myself. With decent practice I know I could be faster than I am ATM.

I love the idea you're offering here: make a custom track with race lines painted on and setting up learning sessions and stuff and I know those will be great fun for all involved. However it also will take MASSIVE amouts of preparation and effort to do it right. And I know that's the only way you'd do it.:thumbsup:

I know I'm pushing my luck saying this here, but knowing where to put your car on the track and how to approach corners and stuff is basically the same for all tintops, apart from those full-aero LM prototypes which are more like open-wheelers. (and it's the same for all serious sims as well AFAIK)

There's plenty of games around that already have a (static or dynamic) racing line AND GTL-like cars, so aren't you, maybe, just a little bit, investing loads of free (racing!) time to re-invent the wheel here?:unsure::redface:
@Paul Bennett @Warren Schembri
In fact my advice to anyone who is unsure about car placement on track would be:
Spend € 5,99 on Steam to buy GTR2 and complete the in-game driving school.
It really is a great feature that will teach you EVERYTHING there is to know about racing lines and track positions. It'll be the best few bucks you ever spent apart from buying GTL;)

And then we can all have GTL learning sessions on overtaking, out-braking, you know, the fun stuff.:p

Well with that off my chest.. where do I sign up?:)
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If I may add my 2 cents worth...

I agree with what has been said. My personal experience also tells me that nothing replaces practice, practice and more practice. But practice without a correct notion of what one is doing might not be very helpful; in fact it can slow down or delay the learning process. I know, I've been there...
What I mean is that start by trying to be always at maximum speed everywhere and making lots of mistakes, one does not learn much. If anything, to get better at making mistakes.
After quite some years of simracing, I regret today having started the way I referred, with the wrong foot, and having wasted so much time. If I had to start again today, I would have 2 main guidelines:

1 - Instead of trying to be fast and go after drivers with more experience, I'd try to be regular and have consistent (even if "slow") lap times; only after being able to be consistent is the right time to improve lap times.

2 - I'd read as much as I can about racing. There are excellent books for those who have the time, in my case they helped me to understand what to do on the track, how to find the best lines, how to brake (there is much more than just pressing the pedal hard - in fact, the most important thing about braking is HOW you release the brake pedal...), how to look for the right attitude from the car during the different cornering phases and the principles involved building a setup.

The best book I've read so far, and I say best because, in my opinion, "it's all there", is this:

Ultimate Speed Secrets: The Complete Guide to High-Performance and Race Driving by Ross Bentley


There's also a lot to be learned here:

It's an 1h30min long video, and my advice is to watch more than once...the second time you see it, things that were not too clear or were undetected during first visualization will be clearer, and instead of understanding an forgetting right after, you start to interiorize the fundamental notions, and remember them when you're driving, weather it's your street car or a virtual race car.
Of course this way takes time, but who can expect to be good at something by just wanting to be good without making any effort?

Paul Bennett

Agree with all of the above if we can pull this off could be a first for RD, GTL leads others follow :).
Think due to age of the sim shame there was no training lines put into the tracks, GT & Forza lead the way with this I think ? . If we could get in touch with a track mod see what they could come up with like Rupe has mentioned would be a great help.

We all know practice makes perfect but we could practice day and night and still be doing it wrong. We all had a driving instructor and driving lessons for real cars, so if we had one for the virtual word it would be nice.
@Roland Warmenhoven I have GTR2 but have not really done a lot with it, I will make some time for the driving school. We have the added bonus of T/S which will really pull this all together, as I said before Rupe talked me round with Ftruck then the next day it was a very different sim.

This will take some time to pit this together but sure we'll all get something out of it.

@Rupe Wilson count me in if you need any help :thumbsup:
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