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What comes with the game box


Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst.
I bought it ages ago (2012 or 2013, definitely before it's been on Steam) but inside the box are:
  • game DVD (obviously)
  • product catalogue 12 page booklet with other Excalibur Publishing games (UK distributor)
The game instructions and product key are printed on the back of the cover as the DVD box is transparent. That's it, no posters, no proper manual, no map or anything else.


Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst.
Yeah, bought it before Going East was released and the only reason I bought it that way was at that time the only choice was between a box version or downloading it from SCS directly costing pretty much the same. It wasn't on Steam/GOG or anything else. Key is much cheaper indeed and there's nothing worth spending extra for the box version.
Just depends were you buy it too , mine was cheaper than steam even before it was on steam.
only a few euros but still same was with going east I have both boxed.

But as far as I understand SCS are now only doing sales through Steam there will be no more retailed boxed add.ons .

I still need the High powered cargos and Scandinavia , waiting for summer sales now , I have spent money on AC & Dirt Rally so I need a little rest first money wise.

Though I have used my keys to download the steam version.