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What causes Texture flickers in BTB & rF

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Greg Wyatt, May 17, 2009.

  1. Greg Wyatt

    Greg Wyatt

    Well as the title says...

    I'm nearing completion of my BTB track but the one thing I have more noticable now than in previous versions are some Texture flickers..

    I don't think it's an object as (if I use as an example) the brake markers are all the some (wall) model in an xpack, all i did was change the dds to load the 150, 100 & 50..

    Around the track driving you have various brake markers flicker in the in car view, in the external view you don't have this problem..

    The flickering is like two layers are too close or on top of each other but there is clearly a gap between then.. Rather than do the brake markers again wider apart I thought I would ask the question incase it was something simple..

    Thoughts ??
  2. woochoo


    as far as i can tell you need to have parallel faces atleast a couple of centimeters apart. someone else might be able to give a hard number, but for example Piddy (in one of his tute vids) suggests you place alpha/wall skid marks 2cm above the road surface, presumably to prevent flickering.

    if your gap is more than a couple of centimeters, it may be a different problem. you might have to wait for someone else to help.
  3. RT1971


    Could also depend on what mod your using to drive your track, some mods cam files aren't real good in bonnet view because they don't set the lod in and out correctly.
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