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What are the worst FPS killers in VR?

Hello all,

I'm just getting back into rFactor 2 after a long break, and have purchased some DLC over past few days (Spa, Track Expansion Bundle and GT3 bundle).

I don't have the most up to date system (Intel i7-3770 Quad Core 3800 MHz, 16GB RAM 1333 MHz, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card and Oculus Rift S) however I have to say it looks stunning on single monitor at 1920x1080, I easily get around 100fps on roughly medium settings around official Nords in rthe 911 GT3 R.

If I try immediately running in in VR, no setting changes, ASW on Automatic in the Oculus Tray Tool, it looks pretty good (SS at 0 in Oculus Tray Tool) - stays mostly at 40 fps, but with very occassional dips into high 30's.

I've read through a lot of the VR thread, but its a lot of information to wade through (and much of it probably out of date) - what are the worst FPS killer settings in rFactor 2? (Shadows, Reflections, AA I'm assuming), what settings have little performance effect in VR?

If anyone has a similair spec to my system, I'd really appreciate you posting your graphic settings, both in game and SS in Oculus Tray Tool.

Many thanks, and a Happy Hogmany to all from Scotland - lets hope for better days in 2021!

My findings are PP and AA have the biggest effects. For me... PP = Low (off looks odd), with AA = Level 3 = 4x MSAA.

Also set this in your player.json (stops framerate drops passing/in pits)
"Garage Detail":0.1,
"Garage Detail#":"LOD multiplier when vehicle is in garage (0.01-1.00)",

I only hotlap so YMMV.

3600x/2070Super/Rift S