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What are the "points" in the benchmark ?

Does the "points" in the benchmark reflect the performance of your system with the settings in Assetto Corsa regardless of which simulation is being run ?
So regardless of the cars and tracks in the benchmark test ?


The James May of Simracing
Unless you mean something else, the benchmark gives a point score for that specific race that is run in the benchmark with the video settings you currently use. It's meant to give you a comparison to adjust your video settings. Your FPS my vary on different tracks and depend on number of AI, which cars are used, time of day etc. In the end you can use that as a guideline, but if you have a race where your FPS drops a lot, you'll have to readjust.

It's still the original benchmark Kunos included in AC from 2013 btw :)
So if you want to see what the effect is of, for example, overclocking your GPU or a lower setting for "smoke" or "reflections" in AC, you have to run the exact same simulation ?!
This to get a real comparison in between the points.


The James May of Simracing
Of course you have to run the same test every time to see differences of the changes you made. If you click the benchmark button it's the same every time for that reason (apart from your settings). As long as you leave your settings the same between overclockings the results should be representative.