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what are some must have mods?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by huskerwr38, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. huskerwr38


    With so many mods, what are some of the must have mods in order to improve realism? I tried to search through the posts but I couldn't find anything relevant to my question.
  2. Szeky


    search all the RDDev mods,they are the best!
  3. Laxatron


    I love the true light and weather mod from RDDev, this is one of the best mods I´ve seen in all the racing games I´ve played, probably the best of all. Too bad CM doesn´t seem to be concerned much with all the problems and glitches they introduced with the patch.

    So I´m not fully satisfied with the performance right now, here is my spec:
    460 GTX in 1280x1024
    Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 GHz standard
    4 Gbyte Corsair DDR2 800
    averaging 25 fps mostly

    noticed that the GPU only runs on 50% usage though.
    Still has its issues:

    I applied additionally camera mods from RDDev, replaced texture for raindrops with the pre patch version and it´s all looking beautifully besides low fps pretty much everyone gets with D3D 11.
  4. Andy_J

    I hate VR. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Premium

    I use the frustration mod, the increased damage mod and the tyre mod by Dahil. I dont use any of the RDD mods as they ruin the game in my opinion. Even the HD cars cause stutters etc. I also use my own cockpit mod.
    By the way, I have rolled back to pre patch because the game runs smoother, the wetaher effects are perfect and I get dynamic tracks with rubbering etc.

    I only race in career mode, with helmet cam with all assists off except for traction control on medium. legend AI gives me some great racing. Currently on my 3rd year of 7 year career driving for renault. No flashbacks or race restarts just as in real life. I am enjoying it.
  5. mvpe


    I use 512mb ati 4850 and tested all the mods I use for fps impact as I only get about 35fps and dont want to lose any. I can say none of the mods gave any drop in fps for me, this includes all HD skins (4096 for player and 2048 for AI) the truelight and true weather mod.

    This is a big mod by the guys from rddev mod group. A lot of work went into this one and at one point there were constant updates as it was still work in progress. They finally released this finish pack which works really well on all tracks. The mod tweaks various xml files for global settings and some specific to each track.

    The truelight mod gives the game a much sharper and cleaner look but does cause some problems with shadows because off all the correct sun positions they put in. These are mostly noticable when you drive past big grandstands. However I prefer this look to the original look provided by cm.

    The truewether mod gives the cars an insane amount of spray in heavy rain conditions. Again I like this compared to the original which feels really gamey, as if it was kept light to make it easy for players. The downside to this is it does make it harder to drive and see where you are going.

    Enhanced audio version 1
    Another mod that had a lot of work go into it, with a few version before this final one. The car sounds a lot more mechanical with this mods, you can hear the suspension a lot better and a few more screech and slip sounds. Also the ai sounds sound better overall. This mod works by tweaking a lot of xml like files.

    HD car skins
    Too many to mention but they look good and dont cause fps drop so worth downloading. Only problem is chosing which ones you want to use.

    Artgear 3 +daftboy helmets
    If you like having various good looking helmets and nice looking track selection menu than you need to try this mod.

    Tyre mods
    3 good tyre mods to pick from. Pirelli, rddev hd, or Dalhil v0.91. I like dalhil 0.91 as it's has the best damage imo.

    Official pitgirl outfits
    This is one of my mods. It does what it says, makes the pit girls have the outfits from real life.

    Camera mods
    Havent looked much into these but they are out there, giving the player all sorts of extra head movements.

    Mods to lookout for
    These are the mods that are in development and worth getting when released.
    AIslow corner fix A massive mod trying to fix the cornering speed of ai on all tracks. It looks like they will include what I call the "george wiseman fuel fix" and the "DI qualiying lap times fix".
    RDdev cinematography mod This will make all replay camera angles look like tv camera angles.
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