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What Accuforce DD v2 wheel settings to use in game?

I have an Accuforce DD2 wheel and want to know what other people have their in game settings set to in ACC?
I am trying to see what its like just using the game to control my FFB and not rely on Simcommander.
However, if you have great settings in SC then please post them too.


The James May of Simracing
I use standard settings with gain set to 65% (to avoid clipping), but that's not something I enjoy without SimCommander where I did all the fine tuning and filtering. It's very rough and noisy on it's own.

I guess you could make it work without SimCommander by adding some filtering and plying with the dynamic damping settings, but I guess you already got to this conclusion on your own :)
Mike at simracing604 is using these settings (not using a profile) Accuforce V2