What’s wrong with my wheel?

Oct 26, 2019
When I play with a wheel my car WILL NOT drive like a normal car. It goes down a straight like a lunatic and not in a fun way. It’s undriveable. It no matter what it curves left or right. And I’ve spent about 3 hours fiddling with the settings and it’s still utterly unplayable. I’ve made it better yes but it’s still pure garbage. I watch youtubers playing it with a wheel and they don’t have this problem at all. They hold the wheel straight and it goes straight. Mine literally no matter what saturation and sensitivity and dead zone I adjust, it drives left and right all on its own down a straight. It’s not violent but it’s enough that the only way I can drive down a straight is to zig zag the wheel like a 5 year old back and forth 5degrees either way. It’s utterly unplayable. I play gtsport and love my T300rs. I’m using the open wheel mod so maybe that’s why????
Could it be because I’m using the drivehub mod for Xbox one???
My setup is PS4 T300rs with ts-pc open wheel rim. Wreckfest on xbone. Hooked to the drivehub. I’m guessing it’s the drivehub that’s doing this

Marc Collins

Aug 25, 2011
I have never used a console, but when this happens on a PC (a very common problem) it is because there is a setting to "reverse" FFB that is backwards. See if you can find that and set it to the opposite of whatever it is now.