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WGO - WhatsGoingOn - Find out what's going on around the track

In most racing games, there is no easy way of getting information about the pit stop status of other cars. While racing it's often impossible to find out whether the cars in front of you have just been in the pit, or the are due for a pit stop soon.

This Simhub dash gives a (reasonably) easy overview of each cars pit status, and how many laps they have gone since their last pit stop.

Here's a video of the Dash being used in GTR2

Here's what the different...

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Thanks a lot for doing this - it will be great if someone creates full/rich SimHub UI for GTR2, because AFAIK SimHub can fully replace TrackMap/XD and that will give user few FPS back. Keep this going!

Couple of things to note:
* Recent CC plugin version defaults to enableTelemetryFix = 1, but yes, that step is needed on old installs with old CrewChief.ini.
* I do not think "Write Shared Memory" is needed if rFactorSharedMemoryMap.dll is used with GTR2. SimHub will read rFactor Plugin data, not old GTR2 shared memory block.

Another cool thing is that those overlays can be put into VR by the CC app. Lastly, there's a way to run GTR2 in borderless mode, @Retrolux might want to share how to do that ;)
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