Wet track transitions - almost there CM, BUT...

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    So I've been toiling on my 3rd career race (that's Shanghai) thro 3 patches now. The reason why? I simply cannot finish the race in decent conditions! :mad:

    Here's the overall scenario: No assists, full sims, Pro AI, dry conditions up to lap 39, then heavy rain... Rain stops around lap 46 then the track starts drying up...

    Since patch 10 things have improved as Robthedork (that's my RE) has stopped telling me 'slight rain' is expected :roflmao: and accurately calls for 'heavy rain'. :thumbsup:
    At around lap 39 my slicks start shedding spray, I start losing a little grip, so I know it's time to put on wets. Most of the field puts on Inters. So far so good. :D
    Around lap 45, rain stops, and the field pits for Inters, while I now know I need to wait for 1... more... lap... to do so, or I'll have no grip. From 7th before the shower, I 'only' lose 2 positions. So far, so pretty much good anyway. :cautious:


    Then comes the time when the track dries up. There's a big mostly dry line and the field shoots into the pits around lap 49 for Slicks.

    Now I have a problem.

    Take 1. I tried pitting on lap 49, like the AI, and at turns 1 & 2 I'm on a soap box, while the AI races merrily around. Of course, I then cause a collision because I'm out of control and get a Pen. SC is out, I can't serve my pen, I get passed by half the field because I'm still on the soap box, and I don't realize I need to pit immediately to change my destroyed wing, cuz my engineer doesn't think it's worth telling me about it. No need to tell the rest.

    Take 2. I tried not pitting and staying on Inters. I regularly lose ground to the people behind, get one Pen as usual, serve, then I start getting unlapped by the HRTs and get 2 Pens thanks to them. Oh, I got another Pen around too somewher else. Anyway after the 4th I threw myself in a barrier, couldn't take more of it. I just didn't have the grip, except in a few corners that were still too wet for Slicks.

    A couple of the Pens I got were mostly my fault. But just a couple, and from wet to dry conditions, it's obvious the AI is on rails as soon as they put Slicks on (except in some areas where the wet prevails, but that's normal). While we the players just play holiday on ice and are prey to the penalty system.

    Bottom line, in drying conditions it all starts going downhill, unless you're a) lucky, b) very talented c) don't care about racing the AI.

    Long post, but I had to get this out my system since I won't be able to play this :poop: race again before next week... and probably next patch... :roflmao: