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West Side Sim-Racing Club

Saul Boucher


Our community is North America, western region based. Championship events are scheduled for Thursdays at 6:00pm pacific time practice start. Qualification starts will be at 7:00pm pacific. Drivers are required to be on Discord and the event server 15 minutes prior to Qualification.

At our core, we are a group of friends and sim racing enthusiasts that enjoy racing and challenging each other. We strive for a great balance of competitiveness and clean racing. Our members have a wide range of skill, so no matter your experience you'll find a spot on our grid with other people to compete with. If you're looking for a great community in our region, hosting clean and competitive racing, with sim racing enthusiasts well invested in our hobby. You've found it.

Send me a PM, or join our Discord Server to be greeted by one of our Race Directors and get setup as a member of our club.
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