Welcome to Stefan Werner!

Eric Nelson

It is with great pleasure that I can introduce you to the newest member of the AMERICAN RACING CLUB racing staff!

Stefan Werner is now part of the Racing staff here at RD!

I had been carefully considering a wingman for me here at the ARC and decided that Stefan had that certain something you need to do this job for free! INSANITY! ok maybe not true insanity but the willingness to do for the many at the cost of the one might be more accurate.

You may have noticed Stefan has been managing the Tuesday and Saturday time slots for me and has done a terrific job during this "probationary" period.

So we gave him a set of keys for the rest of the "dark regions" here at RD which regular members are unaware of that involve the daily management of things here at RD.

SO please give Stefan a warm welcome and your full support for accepting my invitation to join the asylum!

His efforts, like mine, directly benefit you the RD and AMERICAN RACING CLUB member!


Yves Larose

grats Stefan for yoyr promotion :) thanks for all the work and hours you will put in for us :doublethumb:
Yep, the pay is low and the work load is extreme .... But, our gratitude is HUGE!!!! Welcome, and thanks for helping us enjoy our "sport" the more!
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