Weirdest bug I've ever had


Original poster
May 16, 2018
So I was racing with AI on Indy 500 with vintage indycars (full 32 driver grid). It was a 20 lap race. After finishing the race I wanted to watch the replay. There were 5 retirements and 1 DQ during the race. In the first 30 seconds of the replay there were no AI cars. I've experienced this bug before several times, so I was like "eh, whatever" then I noticed that 2 of the 32 cars I could not select, nor shown in the replay UI. Both of them retired at lap 8 but I could not select them even before that. Both cars were Agajanian Watsons. I could select all of the other cars in the replays, even the other 4 which did not finished. It was very weird, can somebody try to explain what happened?