Weird stuff on GTL/GTR2 (ai ai..)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Raido, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Raido


    Ok, here's some things I noticed are a little weird.

    I'm developing this BTB track, works ok in rFactor when I try it out. But when I do a test race in GTL, the AI opponents wait for about a full second after the starting light goes green. Doing nothing... Then they depart.

    Now I wait until they get moving, otherwise it's just a flawed race from the start.. but when you release a track to others, this behaviour is not what you would want of course. :eek: Speeding up the AI through worst/mid/bestadjust doesn't change the delayed AI starts. All AI on 100 per cent by default, btw.

    Note this does not happen in rFactor (or in other GTL tracks), although I've seen it happen in some rF mods. Any ideas? I've looked at the aiw files, but can't really see a parameter pointing to start delays.

    (Also noted that the GTR2/GTL AI seem to be suffering from "NFS runaway syndrome": when they're in front on Lap 1, very often they run away from you like wildfire, up to 3 seconds per lap, but when they're behind they fall 3 to 6 seconds back during the first laps. Now either someone at (Simbin?) doesn't know how to code and this wasn't properly tested before these sims came out, or there's a big bug somewhere... Again, this doesn't happen in rF, so it's probably something gtl/gtr2 specific.)
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